How to Handle Money in a Frugal Lifestyle

Let’s be honest: handling money can be hard and requires a lot of self discipline, especially if you know living frugally is not the lifestyle for you. Thus, you must make a conscientious choice of what type of lifestyle you are seeking. In this blog post, I will dig deeper on what it takes to live a frugal lifestyle.

Frugal living doesn’t happen overnight. As a result, you have to be brutally honest with yourself and mindful of your shopping decisions. If you are the type to eat out several times a week and overall are less conservative with spending money, becoming frugal all of sudden may be like trying a new diet for weight loss. You will occasionally splurge on unnecessary goods and make impulsive decisions at first. But do not fret, it is always good to treat yourself every now and then. Because these moments of treating yourself become more scarce upon living the frugal lifestyle, treating yourself out becomes that much more meaningful.

Frugal people are thrill seekers

For those who are inherently frugal, you would know there is something about getting a great deal or scoring free tickets to a concert that causes a “feel good” adrenaline rush. Part of the thrill of living a frugal lifestyle is seeking out deals, whether they be in the form of a coupon insert from a Sunday paper, deals site, cash back, or raffle. The thrill of living frugal is finding a means to enjoy experiences and life by becoming an opportunist. in other words, a person who is frugal finds a means to an end to achieve their goals in ways that cuts cost with an alternative method or way of thinking. Whether it be waiting for ticket prices to go down for an NBA game or waiting for a matinee movie ticket to see Avengers.

Frugal people are opportunists

Living a frugal lifestyle doesn’t always mean you are penny pinching. One of the greatest myths is that frugal people are unwilling to spend all the time – that is completely far from the truth. The frugal lifestyle is a way of thinking. You are either cutting costs down, or upping your disposable income to justify making a purchase. The more income you generate, the more disposable funds you have to spend on luxurious goods. The less disposable funds, the more you have to cut down on costs and spend wisely.

The frugal lifestyle is not for anyone. What helps me is creating mini goals with the mindset of achieving a major milestone. For example, if the goal is to save $200 every month, the mini goals would be to save $50 a week. Whereas, the major milestone is saving $200 every month. In time, being goal oriented pays off and pays major dividends. Your wallet will thank you.

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