How to Close a Wells Fargo Account Conveniently

You may have decided that it is time to close your Wells Fargo account, but have no idea how to start the conversation to close a Wells Fargo account. You may be thinking do I have to visit a local branch or can I close the account online via secure live chat? Fortunately, the process of closing an account is simple – without having to go through a rigorous process. Follow these steps to conveniently close your Wells Fargo account.

How to Close a Wells Fargo Account

Two things must happen to your account before starting the process of account closure. Your account must follow these two steps to ensure proper closure of stated account.

  1. Your account must have a positive or zero balance.
  2. All deposits, outstanding and pending items must be posted.

Once you have verified that your account have a zero balance and there are no pending transactions to be posted to your Wells Fargo account, your next steps is to contact the bank for account closure. Currently as of 2019, there are several ways to close your account.

  1. Canceling by phone per conversation with a Wells Fargo agent: 1-800-869-3557
  2. Visiting a local Wells Fargo branch near a location near you
  3. If outside of the U.S., complete the Account Closure or Partial Withdrawal Request form and send it to Wells Fargo by mail.

And that is all there is to closing a Wells Fargo account. The process is pretty straight forward and takes a simple phone call away.

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