Getting Stuff for Free? How You Can Save Big with Product Sampling

Thousands of families are saving money, while still enjoying all their favorite products, by taking advantage of free samples.

Most major manufacturers simply give away some of their products to try and reach new customers and to increase their products’ visibility in family homes across the country. Many families use these free sample offers to save themselves thousands of dollars a year on their favorite products and put the money towards big-ticket item, family vacations, and even car repairs.

It can be easier than you might think to start getting free samples of all kinds of products and start saving you or your family hundreds or thousands a year on groceries, toiletries, pretty much anything! Here is a quick guide to help anyone begin their journey into the world of free sampling and start saving for their own vacation or for a special treat.

Why Are There So Many Free Sample Offers?

The consumer marketplace is extremely competitive, and many manufacturers of all kinds of products can find it difficult to reach new customers.

Many consumers are very loyal to the brands they use, so manufacturers of competing products will produce free samples to try and tempt their competitor’s customers into using their product instead. Though this can be very effective and is a tried and trusted marketing tactic, many free samples will go unclaimed or unused by new customers, leaving thousands of samples available to anyone; even people who already regularly buy their products.

How Do You Find Free Samples?

Manufacturers use many different methods to try and get free samples in front of a competitor’s customers. Many rely on placing free samples in stores alongside their competitor’s products to offer consumers a free alternative. Some free samples are marketed through newspapers or ads on webpages to try and reach new customers.

There are also websites dedicated to free samples, and it is interesting to look at how they work. By keeping a record of your basic details and product preferences, free sample sites can keep you up to date on all the free sample offers available to you. This lets you be one of the first to claim the free sample you want and lets you regularly take advantage of free products from your favorite brands and manufacturers.

What Kind of Products are Offered as Free Samples?

You might be surprised to see the variety of products that you can find offered for free as a sample. 

There are plenty of free samples of grocery items like shampoo or laundry detergent, but there are also free samples available for products like pillows, kitchen appliances and even theater tickets for big shows like The Lion King or The Book of Mormon. There are even offers for free money! Some companies like PayPal or Amazon will offer free credit to use their services and you can use this to save money on your regular purchases or for gifts. 

Everyone should investigate free samples as a way to save themselves money. Many of the country’s biggest brands and top manufacturers make free samples of the products available to consumers, so there is something in free sampling for pretty much everybody.

Hopefully this guide has given you the information you need to begin saving yourself and maybe your family hundreds or even thousands of dollars a year by taking advantage of the millions of free sample offers that are out there, and treat yourself to that dream vacation you have always wanted or pass the savings on to another expense and use the money to pay for car repairs or a home remodeling.

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