Anyone sell on Etsy?

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    • Kitty Davis

        I was considering opening an Etsy shop to sell some of the things I make. Mainly they are jewelry-related items but I also do things like dream catchers, windchimes, and other decor.

        Do you sell on Etsy? Is it a good marketplace to work on?

      • Dana

          I used to sell items on Etsy back in 2015. I was making dreamcatchers and similar items. I made decent sales on there and was not advertising my shop so that is something! I can’t remember the fees but I think it is worth looking into. Very easy to use!

        • Alex R.

            My sister sells charms she makes on there. Last we talked, she mentioned she is making around $400 a month steady and has been for over a year. She doesn’t make insane sales but considering she is enjoying what she is going, that extra money is just a bonus.

          • Gray W.

              The fees depend on how much you price your items. If you are selling cheaper items, you won’t notice a big difference. You can also make up for the fees by charging slightly more for shipping. I know a lot of people complain about the fees which is why I wanted to mention this. My wife sells things she makes on there. She averages around 20 sales a month.

          Viewing 3 reply threads
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