Buy chickens… Seriously!

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    • Richie M.

        This is something I did a few years back and it has saved me a lot of money. I use a lot of eggs and my kids eat loads of them as well. It is one of the main protein sources so when a friend of mine was moving, he offered me his chickens. I started with 3 hens and now I have 8. The kids love them, they save us money, they are VERY cheap to feed, and we get fresh eggs on an almost daily basis.

      • Lilian Peterson

          I have considered this several times but for me, it would be a lot harder. I don’t really have the yard space for them and I am currently renting so I am not sure my landlord would allow them. Plus, the neighbors might not appreciate the sound.

        • Brie Anna

            My parents have chickens, I actually grew up with them. It saved them loads of money and still does. I don’t need to buy and raise them as I can just go there each week and pick some up. I do want to get some of my own once I own a home though!

        Viewing 2 reply threads
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