Can you get money back from renter’s insurance?

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    • Alex R.

        A friend of mine said this was the case for him when he finally moved and bought a house a few years ago with his wife. I have been paying renter’s insurance for 7 years now and from what he said, if you are paying it for more than 5 years, you qualify to earns some of the money back. I am just not sure how to go about checking. Does anyone know?

      • Richie M.

          I believe in some states you can in the form of a tax refund but you would have to verify this with who your insurance is run through as well as your state’s issues on the matter. You should have a basic state webpage that will direct you to all tax-related questions. It will be an official government website.

        • Vince

            Are you referring to the money you paid each month? So long as the insurance is covering your property, it is not refundable. The only case where it would be is if you moved and forgot to cancel it. Most places would pay you back that money.

        Viewing 2 reply threads
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