Cutting The Cord!

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    • If you haven’t done this yet, now is the time since we have so many options available now. I have been without cable for about 2 years and have saved over $1200! A savings of $600 a year is well worth getting rid of cable in my book.

      Has anyone else cut the cord? If so, how much have you saved?

    • Allen

        We are waiting for our contract to run out. The wife and I agreed that it is time to just do away with it. We can watch things through Amazon or Netflix if we must. It is just a better overall option because it is cheaper and we don’t feel obligated to sit in front of the TV so it benefits our health too. Only 3 months to go!

        • That is one of the biggest downsides to cable TV and other things of that nature, you are locked into a contract. It is best to get ones that you are contracted to stay. They not only are less likely to raise the cost of your monthly services but you lose nothing if you decide to change.

      • Sammy

          My parents are still hooked on cable. Between that, the landlines, and the internet, they are paying $140 A MONTH! That is insane. If they got rid of the phones and the cable, they can pay for the internet which would be $40 and then sign up for Netflix or something and be paying less than half.

          • This sounds just like my parents! They have been with cable since I was born and they are very reluctant to be without it. They have considered it but each time they had, they changed their minds. It is a shame too because switching to something else would be substantially cheaper!

        • I tried doing this but my husband wanted cable back. He watches sports and everything so it ends up only being maybe $15 cheaper in the long run because the streaming services for sports are so expensive.

        • Brie Anna

            I haven’t had cable since I moved out of my parents. My fiance and I never got it when we moved in together. We rent and saw no need in having it. We just have internet. That is all we need and since we have no landline and no TV services, we save a good $80+ a month.

        Viewing 4 reply threads
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