Does using a food delivery service save you money?

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  • Author
    • There are places online now that will deliver fresh groceries right to your door and a lot of people seem to think they save you money. I was looking at the cost and prices on Amazon’s service and they seem to have higher prices for most items vs the local store and on top of that, you have to pay a subscription fee. So, where are the savings exactly?

    • Nick

        I think they like to claim it does but in the long run, it doesn’t. If you compare the prices of the actual food items, they tend to be anywhere from 5 to 20% more than the cost in the store, and on top of that, you need to pay a subscription fee. Not worth it to me!

      • Dana

          I had a few in the past and honestly, if I did manage to save money, it was not much and the wait was annoying. I would much rather just buy what I can online and grab the rest in person. We have a smaller local shop here that always has great deals anyways.

        • Brie Anna

            Nope. My parents were using one and I went to the grocery store with my mom just a few weeks ago to compare the numbers. Shopping locally and in-person actually saved her nearly $30. She was paying for premium prices and a subscription fee each month which ended up making it more expensive.

        Viewing 3 reply threads
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