Going meatless, does it save?

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    • Meat prices can be expensive so a tip a friend gave me recently was to have “meatless” meals or days. I am not a big meat eater to begin with so I wouldn’t exactly miss it but my husband loves his meat. I am thinking of having 2 days a week that are entirely meatless just to see if I save a good amount of money. Has anyone tried this here?

    • Nick

        You can still eat meat and not have it be expensive. I think this comes down to what you buy and where you buy it. Healthier cuts and options will obviously be more expensive. I prefer the more expensive kind so I just eat less in a single sitting. I eat meat almost daily but I do small servings so you can try cutting back first.

      • I find it better to buy meat when you find it on sale and just freeze it. You are able to get higher quality meat and store it to have. I do this mostly with chicken since I am not a big beef or pork person but it works!

      • I think buying as small and as local as you can when it comes to meats is best. I often find I am saving several dollars by dealing with the local butcher vs going to the chain grocery store.

    Viewing 3 reply threads
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