How do you become “well known” online?

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    • Kitty Davis

        I would love to be more well known for my creative work (drawing/painting) so I can get more gigs. I see a lot of people on Twitter who have fans just hire them to make things for them and they make good money doing this. Many don’t even have a website, they just work through social platforms. How does someone become more well known for something like this?

      • Alex R.

          You want to work with other creators in your field. Find other artists with similar styles or ideas to you, and work with them. Start a YouTube channel to show your process and work with other artists o the platform.

        • Molly Green

            I think Alex is right, you want to find others who have a community around them already and work together. If you have it in you to do videos, do them on YouTube, TikTok or Instagram. They can help a lot!

          • Vince

              Build up your social media platforms. That is the easiest way. Get what you want to be known for out there and start working with other creators. It can take time so don’t give up after a few weeks of not seeing any progress. You have to really invest yourself.

          Viewing 3 reply threads
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