How many cards do you currently have?

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    • Most people I know have an average of around 8 or 9 which seems insanely high to me. I have 4 myself. Two of which are store credit cards. I feel like having anything over 5 is too much. I used to have 6 but I paid a few off. I don’t need all these credit lines open and I feel like the more you have going, the more you are likely to mess up your numbers.

    • Vince

        I have 4 main cards and one store card. One of the 4, I seldom use. It is just an emergency card. I mainly use it for mechanical stuff and to cover medical bills that pop up unexpectantly.

        And yeah having that many cards does seem like a lot but I have known people who have had stacks of them. I am talking over 30 cards. I have no idea how but it happens!

      • I have 6 and I am down from 13. It took me a good 5 years but I managed to cut my credit usage in half. I feel like back when I had that many cards, it was easier to fall behind for sure.

      • Brie Anna

          I have just 2 and my fiance has 3. So between the two of us as a couple, having only 5 is good I think! I don’t need more than two cards. I use one for weekly shopping and pay it back at the end of the month (I get paid once a month) and the other card is mainly for boosting my credit scores.

      Viewing 3 reply threads
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