How to combat incoming inflation?

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    • Lilian Peterson

        Prices of everything are going up right now. Meats, dairy, certain grains, wood, oil… I mean it is insane. I feel like my weekly spending habits are up nearly 25% from what they were just at the end of 2020. I don’t even buy anything different. I want to have a plan to combat incoming costs due to inflation, what are some things I could do?

      • Brie Anna

          I know it is scary. I planned on looking for houses this year with my soon-to-be husband but we simply can’t afford it yet. I am hoping we can start looking in the fall but he has to get a raise at work and I need to increase my earnings as well. As for shopping, what you can buy now and keep for a long time, just stock up on it. Stock up on things you can freeze for a long time or has a long shelf life as far as food goes. For things like wood, shop smart, and buy wood that can be used for multiple purposes.

        • Gray W.

            I think Brie has the right idea, stock up on what can when you can.

            Outside of that, it is worth investing some of your money into stock or some form of assets. Once the USD drops (this will be when inflation hits) your buying power will still be secure.

        Viewing 2 reply threads
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