Is Elon Musk ruining crypto?

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    • Nick

        I swear every time this man talks about crypto, they tank. I feel like he is not only ruining his reputation but the reputation of cryptocurrency in general. A lot of people are walking away from it or not bothering with it because of him. He recently said some negative things about Bitcoin and it dropped again.

      • Dana

          Considering I just read a story about that hacker group Anonymous going after him now, I would say yea I think so! I don’t know what he is thinking or why he says the things he does but he is making a lot of people mad and a lot of people are growing to dislike him.

        • Molly Green

            Musk is a cool guy, I always liked him as a person but he memes too much and gets Twitter going too easily and it bleeds into stocks and crypto investments. I think a lot of people view him as a whale now cause you have to imagine he has a lot of bitcoin through Tesla but who knows.

          • Dan Charles

              Elon is such a funny dude but you really can’t follow him for any advice. Half the time he is probably high and making senseless tweets but his fanbase acts like he is the second coming of Christ and has to “crack the code” of his hidden messages. I don’t think he is ruining crypto at all, I think his fanbase is though.

          Viewing 3 reply threads
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