Is it possible to get into a career in IT without a degree?

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    • A friend of mine could not afford college but has been into computers since he was 12 years old. He knows how to fix them, build them, run servers, and diagnose issues. He even knows how to reverse hack a system to find viruses and malware. Is it possible to actually find a company that would hire you in the IT field without having any degrees if you can prove you know what you are doing?

    • Sammy

        Yeah, I think it is but this is a matter of knowing someone who knows someone. I can’t see a company hiring anyone without a good word if they don’t have the papers to prove they know what is required for the job.

        • Seems like this is the case for most things. If you know the right people, you have a step up in life from the start. Sucks how that works out. I mean that is good you don’t need a degree but still. If you don’t know anyone, you are not as likely to get hired.

      • I think it is but you really need to show you know what you are doing and I seldom hear of larger companies offering trials. You would likely be able to find work through a smaller company, they tend to be more family-oriented and willing to give people chances.

    Viewing 2 reply threads
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