Is there anyway to cut down on powder usage for a pool?

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    • A friend of mine is considering getting rid of her pool because the electricity in the summer months just running the filter and such is over double! That is insane. I am not too happy about this because I go to her house to swim! I was considering pitching in to just keep her from taking it down but she wouldn’t take money from me. Is there any way to make it cheaper/more affordable?

    • Brie Anna

        Do you mean power? haha, the title made me laugh a bit, sorry!

        One of the ways a friend of mine’s family did this was by running the filter less often. If the pool gets used almost daily, there is no need to run the filter 24/7. Just do regular tests of the water, every 3 days or so, and you should only need to run the filter 12 hours every 3 days.

      • Gray W.

          I don’t know about running the filter less… I have had issues with this and my pool turned green. This depends on where you live. Likely safer to do this in Arizona vs New York. It can be a hefty investment upfront but getting a solar panel to powder the pool’s filter could save you a lot.

      Viewing 2 reply threads
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