What options do I have to keep crypto safe-guarded?

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    • David S.

        I have some crypto investments and I would like to ensure they stay safe. I know the wallet system is pretty solid but I want to have an even more secure setup for my investments. What options are available for something like this right now?

      • Vicky

          One option that is increasing in popularity is using a cold wallet. If you are not familiar with this, it is the opposite of a “hot wallet” being your wallet on your phone or computer. You store information offline such as keeping your passwords written down and kept in a safe place or putting them on a USB. For more security, hardware wallets can be used.

        • Molly Green

            I agree with Vicky. While I am still new to everything, having a cold wallet is ideal. I am going to look into hardware wallets more myself as well. I heard about them late last year but didn’t actually start buying crypto until February of this year.

          • Dan Charles

              You will have plenty of security within your wallet but you always want to make sure you keep your backup password string safe. In that, I would recommend keeping it somewhere that will not be lost, think even in the event of a fire. I know some people who just keep them inside their computer towers or in other appliances (written in permanent marker) for this reason.

          Viewing 3 reply threads
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