Which credit card will build my credit scores the fastest?

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    • David S.

        I would like to be able to buy a house before the market gets unreasonably too high but in order to do this, I need to get my credit scores up. Which cards are best for this? I am not sure what to look into or where to start. I have savings aside for buying a house but I need good credit to get a good loan.

      • Dana

          Look into Petal 2 cards. they are Visa cards with no fees and a cashback option. They are regarded as one of the easiest to use and they function in a way that is designed to help people build up better scores.

          • Molly Green

              I was told the same thing and ended up getting one for myself. I had it for about 5 months now and my scores have already gone up a bit. I have been paying on time each month. I am glad to see improvements so fast.

          • Brie Anna

              There really isn’t a right or wrong card for something like this. It comes down to your spending and paying habits. Find a card that has the best numbers and with a low limit and use it often. Then pay it every two weeks. Your numbers will go up, I promise!

          Viewing 2 reply threads
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