Would you move out of state if you were able to earn more in your career?

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    • David S.

        I currently have the option to do this but I am not sure if I want to. If I move out of state, I would be moving away from most of my family and my friends and it would be harder to see each other on a regular basis, especially during the holidays when travel is otherwise expensive. Would you do something like this if you could earn more in your career?

      • Alex R.

          I think this depends. It is kind of a loaded question.

          For someone who has nothing to lose by moving away, the answer would almost 100% be a yes. But there are people who have family they care about or care for, friends who they would not be able to see, places they would not be able to go. It is a big ask but I think being willing to move for a company shows them how invested you are so for the right career, it would be worth it.

      Viewing 1 reply thread
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