Is it worth opening a small business online?

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    • Rob

        I had an idea to buy items wholesale through online markets with other countries (like China for example) and then selling them in an online shop. I would only focus on a small selection of items at a time. I wouldn’t need too much up front to get it going. I am just not sure if it is worth it. Like, if I can’t get traffic to my store, I will not be able to make sales.

      • Dana

          I think it is. Most small businesses that function online are easy to run and don’t cost a lot, especially if you aren’t hiring anyone else to help. A friend of mine runs her business out of a spare bedroom in her house. She has all the inventory in there, a desk with a computer, a label printer for mailing out and shipping packages, and any extra items she keeps in a closet in the same room. She is able to keep on top of orders and has a steady flow of earnings each month. It hardly costs her anything to run her site too.

      Viewing 1 reply thread
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