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Ever had a question on the top of your mind in regards to your financial well being, but didn't know who to ask?

FangWallet is a 2-week personal finance community app designed to make those type of questions obsolete in the 21st century with helpful curated tips and tricks to help you take your first step into financial freedom. The main focus of the app is to make financial knowledge easy-to-read and accessible to the masses for all ages.

Not everyone needs to major in finance or accounting in order to learn the best practices to building personal wealth. Thus, this app was designed to be inclusive and offer daily pointers in frugal living, budgeting, money makers, and saving for retirement, ranging from all skill levels, beginner, intermediate, or expert. Download the free FangWallet App today and start following personal finance best practices.

No personal finance question should go unanswered!

App is currently in development.


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