FangWallet Student Internship Job

FangWallet is home to many personal finance readers who embody the frugal lifestyle. Tap into some of our student internship opportunities below.

Have something you are passionate about? Have a unique perspective of things? And you would like a medium to voice it? Look no further. We are always looking for solid, content creators that would like to contribute to the community personal finance blog for the world to see and share and we are willing to pay for your quality content as well!

Pitch your content creation to us

FangWallet is actively looking for student-led high-quality content from the following content media types:


  • In order to participate in the FangWallet student internship and become a regular contributor, you must be a current, active student attending either an undergraduate or graduate program.
  • You must have an active email ending with .edu. Example:
  • We ask all students to submit a resume and cover letter expressing their interest in personal finance and why they would like to build content with FangWallet
  • All published editorial posts will be subjected to the following guidelines

Pay per project milestone

The scope of each project milestone completed will be assessed for quality and level of difficulty for each assignment completed. FangWallet follows a pay per project milestone basis. To get an accurate pay rate for each completed assignment, please refer to this table.

Content TypeDescription
VideoMinimum, 5-minute video
InfographicMust be created for an existing post
PodcastMinimum, 20-minute podcast
Editorial PostMinimum, 600 words

What if I am a student who just wants to pitch a one-off project contribution?

If you would like to pitch a one off content piece or project that have yet to be published and otherwise distributed on the web, feel free to shoot us an email or inquire using our contact us form using the headline title, “New Content Pitch.”

If there is mutual interest, you should expect a response within 3-5 business days.

Due to the sheer volume of emails we receive, we won't be able to reply to all emails. However, we promise that we do read every email. Thank you!

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