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FangWallet is home to many personal finance readers who embody the frugal lifestyle. Tap into some of our advertising options below.

Advertising Options Duration
1-Year Editorial Publication 1-year placement minimum
Permanent Editorial Publication Lifetime of website
1-Year Brand Mention 1-year placement minimum
Permanent Brand Mention Lifetime of website
Social Media Brand Mention Lifetime of social media website
Editorial Review Publication – Written by FangWallet Lifetime of website
Footer Brand Mention 3-month placement minimum
Sidebar Brand Mention 3-month placement minimum
Homepage Banner 3-month placement minimum
Podcast Brand Mention Lifetime of podcast episode
Newsletter Brand Mention Email syndication campaign


If interested in an advertising option, please send an email to to inquire with the best email for invoicing and your advertising campaign proposal.

All editorial publications are still subject to quality guidelines and must past review approval from FangWallet editorial team.

For other inquiries and potential collaborations, we can be reached at:

Due to the sheer volume of emails we receive, we won’t be able to reply to all emails. However, we promise that we do read every email.

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