eBay vs Amazon – Which is more profitable in 2021?

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    • Kitty Davis

        I know several people who have used both over the years but currently, I don’t know anyone using either platform in 2021. I have heard negative things about Amazon, especially after 2020, and how they were screwing over people who sold on the platform. I have also heard how hard it can be to get a good seller’s status on eBay.

        Which is the better choice in 2021?

      • Dana

          I would say both have their ups and downs but it depends on what level of work you want to put in. With Amazon, you just stock the warehouse with your items and they handle all the shipping. With eBay, you need to do this all yourself which means more work for you but your items are less likely to be broken or lost.

        • Molly Green

            I would say Amazon overall but it is easier to make and maintain sales on eBay, at least in my opinion. This likely comes down to what you are selling and how often the market fluctuates for the products you are selling.

          • Gray W.

              Probably Amazon but for all the wrong reasons. When I can, I shop through eBay. I am not really a fan of Amazon or its practices. They treat warehouse employees like dirt and they made a profit off the back of slaved labor.

          Viewing 3 reply threads
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