Is blockchain and cryptocurrencies the same thing?

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    • I am extremely new to this so please pardon my question if it is a dumb thing to ask. I genuinely don’t know the difference here and when I read about both, at least in my understanding, they sound like they are one in the same thing. If they aren’t the same, can someone explain what the difference is?

    • Vicky

        The easiest way to explain this is that blockchain is the mechanics that crypto runs on. It is a technology that can and will do other things in the future for privacy and more. Without blockchain, crypto wouldn’t be able to exist.

      • Dana

          Yeah, Blockchain is the actual technology that has made crypto possible. This is not all that it can do either. This is believed to be a major component in the future of technology across the board!

        • I hope more people realize this because there is growing concerns against the technology but I think this is from people who know little to nothing about it and think it only has to do with crypto.

      Viewing 3 reply threads
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