Should you accept someone paying for the damages vs filing a claim?

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    • Richie M.

        I was rear-ended and the person who did it would rather cover the cost of the damages to my car vs filing a claim through insurance for the issue. I have never been in this kind of position and I am meant to give the person an estimate this weekend. Taking my car in tomorrow. Is this smart to do?

      • Vince

          I think this depends on the accident and the person. I personally would not risk that because they could just as easily show up with a check that bounces and leaves you covering the cost. I would just file the claim. People need to be responsible for their poor driving.

        • I agree with Vince, this is a very dependable situation but at the same time, it is a risk. If it was a friend or family member, heck just someone I knew passively from work I would let them pay and not file anything but I would not risk this with a stranger.

      Viewing 2 reply threads
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