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Thank you for your interest in contributing to our health section. We welcome submissions from professionals and experts in the field who can provide valuable insights and knowledge to our readers.

Our goal is to provide accurate, evidence-based information on various health topics to help our audience make informed decisions about their well-being. If you have expertise in a specific area of health or wellness, we invite you to share your expertise through well-researched articles or informative pieces.

Please ensure that your content is original, engaging, and aligns with our mission of promoting health and wellness. To submit an article for consideration, please follow the guidelines outlined on our “Write for Us” page. We appreciate your contributions and look forward to collaborating with you to create a valuable resource for our readers.

Submit a Health Guest Post

If you would like to submit a health guest post for us to review and potentially publish, feel free to submit the piece to this email or contact us form and title the email subject as “Guest Post Opportunity.”

Alternatively, you can submit a community guest post for review approval by registering for an account. Note: For community guest posts, all external links will either be stripped/removed or contain rel=”nofollow.”

For self-promotion requests, please refer to FangWallet's advertising options.

Any editorial guest post articles submitted to us will be peer-reviewed before business publication. We reserve the right to reject any submission we feel does not resonate with our business blog or community. Any content that is not uniquely written or is already published on the web will not be accepted. We ask for contributors to please take a look at the formatting style of past published blog posts to help your finance content get approved.

We do not tolerate unnecessary linking for the purpose of business self-promotion, and such requests disguised as a genuine guest post will be ignored.

Guest Post Requirements:

  1. Guest posts must be educational and written for a health audience. Inquiries with a self-promotion intent will be denied.
  2. Limited to up to two links per post and must be relevant to the article piece (not self-promotional). All external links will NOT be dofollow.
  3. The article topic must be reviewed and approved before the piece is written. You must provide a list of article topics you want to cover for approval. You also can ask for article topics we'd like to cover if you need content ideas.
  4. Must provide at least 3 past writing samples via email before approval
  5. The piece must have at minimum, 1,500+ words and proofread for grammar
  6. Must provide author name, profile picture, and short author bio for FangWallet to give credit where it is due
  7. Must provide a credible Twitter or LinkedIn profile to verify your identity
  8. Short intro of your education, background, and interest in health.

Please follow these guest post guidelines or your health guest post inquiry may be ignored. Only high-quality finance guest posts will be considered for publication.

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