What is the Highest Credit Score Possible?

A fun question about credit cards that I get asked is what is the highest credit score possible? For the curious soul, 850 is the perfect credit score for most credit bureaus.

What are the benefits of a high credit score?

High credit scores offers great financial flexibility to individuals that may have little to no capital at hand. The beauty of having a high credit score is that you can live in the moment and finance your future without sacrificing your soul from outlandish interest rates or huge down payments. Have a impending thought of purchasing a car soon or looking into a mortgage? Have no fear. By having a solid credit score, many doors will open all of a sudden. Think of a high credit score as a VIP fast track to purchasing things in the now.

Do I need a perfect credit score of 850?

Thankfully, the answer is no. You absolutely do not need a perfect credit score to achieve your financial goals earlier than planned. A credit score is bucketed into tiers that determine your eligibility for say, the best, good, moderate, bad interest rates. Tiers are separated into credit score ranges. Depending where you fall within the range, the credit score will determine which tier of interest rates you are eligible for.

  • Excellent Credit: 750+
  • Good Credit: 700-749
  • Fair Credit: 650-699
  • Poor Credit: 600-649
  • Bad Credit: below 600

How do I build credit?

You can build credit as soon as you are 18. You may even start earlier and get a head start on building a relationship with a bank if you have a parent co-sign.

My honest advice is that it never hurts to build credit early. It can only help. I have never once regret building credit. If anything, building credit early has taught me more about personal finance than any other work assignment I’ve done to be financially responsible with money.


In other words, having a high credit score is one of those things that takes time to build and is one of many things that if you don’t do, you will regret a lot. But if you do achieve a high credit score and it is at your disposal, you will feel like you are able to conquer the world.

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