How to Triple Coupon Stack at Target Stores

Target is a great store that incentives the activity of couponing for consumers. If done properly, you can walk out of Target for items less than 70% to 80% of its original pricing after rebates, manufacturer coupons, and store coupons stacked together. Be ready to have thick skin though for the occasional times you have a bundle of coupons and are holding up the line. Cashiers will try their best to accommodate, but not every cashier is compliant so the key is to seek out experienced Target store associates for your couponing adventures.

Who is extreme couponing for?

The perk of couponing is that you get the satisfaction of getting an amazing deal for merchandise you will probably use on the daily. The activity of extreme couponing is best for planners because it involves knowing which products you are seeking before setting foot into a Target store. The gratification of couponing is when you exit the store and everything goes according to plan when you receive your receipt. You may walk out of the store with 20 items, having paid only $15, when the original MRSP may have been over $100.

How to triple coupon stack at Target stores

Manufacturer coupons

Target allows a manufacturer coupon for each unique item you purchase. The only exception is that Target only accepts up to four of the same manufacturer coupon upon using the same product coupon per transaction. You can find most manufacturer coupons online at If you would like to subscribe to newspapers for coupon inserts, The Krazy Coupon Lady made a great guide on how to receive manufacturer coupons via mail.

Cartwheel App Offers

Cartwheel is a feature in the Target app that offers in-store discounts to eligible items. Redeeming the discount is as simple as scanning the mobile barcode to get a percentage value off on eligible products.

  • You can only use the Cartwheel App for six transactions a day. The maximum count of discounted items for the same product is four.

Target Mobile Coupons

Target mobile coupons are different form the Cartwheel App and must be scanned with a different barcode to take advantage of the discount. The limitation is that only one mobile Target coupon can be applied to each transaction. Most weeks, Target distributes mobile Target coupons via text. You can subscribe by texting SAVE5 to TARGET (827438).

Rebate Apps

After you have purchased all your merchandise from the cashier, you may be thinking you are done. Not yet! You can actually use rebate apps like Ibotta to claim additional cash back for showing your receipts of products you purchased at Target. Rebate apps like Ibotta stacks on top of your existing product purchases and redeeming cash back is as simple as taking a photo of your receipt and uploading it to Ibotta.


And that is all there is to becoming a frugal customer of Target. If you are a deal seeker and love shopping, I’d highly recommend getting into couponing at Target. Target does a great job in making couponing seem like a scavenger hunt, which makes the hobby all the more fun. It is a great activity to mindlessly do while trying to destress from the daily work grind.

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