Coinbase vs Celsius vs Which Pays the Highest Staked Reward APY?

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If you aren’t familiar with cryptocurrency and blockchain, the industry has become very interesting with the introduction of stable coins and the ability to earn rewards up to 12% APY on staked coins, especially with proof of stake around the corner too. If you haven’t been within the loop, no worries. By the end of this post, you should be somewhat knowledgeable about the current state of popular cryptocurrency exchanges like Coinbase, Celsius, and

What is so great about stable coins?

Stable coins are cryptocurrency coins that follow the USD dollar value. There are many popular stable coins on the market currently like Tether and USDC, which are backed 1:1 by USD and have a market cap in the billions of dollars. What makes the offering so interesting this time around with stable coins is that you now have the opportunity to “stake” or lock in a certain amount of stable coins in exchange for a high annual percentage yield (APY) interest to earn money.

Think of the offering as depositing money into a high yield savings account or purchasing a certificate of deposit (CD), except with crypto. The only difference is that you will be netting APYs in the range of 2%-12% depending on how much and how long you stake your coin. The earned interest comes from you lending your money to other investors, but you don’t run the risk of playing with investments if you select a stable coin (you are able to lock-in non-stable coins too, although I don’t recommend it or you may run the risk of losing your principal). Now, compare that to traditional banks that tend to offer up to 1.5% APY at max.

TLDR, I still didn’t understand

Instead of putting your cash in a high yield savings account to net a lowly 1% interest rate, you are able to convert your USD into a stable coin like Tether and USDC to earn a high APY with little to no risk from popular crypto exchanges. In my eyes, a low risk, high reward opportunity.

Stable coins very rarely fluctuate from the $1 value and are not as volatile as other traditional altcoin investment vehicles you may be thinking of like Bitcoin, Ripple or Ethereum. And by “staking” or locking in your coins on cryptocurrency exchanges like or Celsius, you are able to earn interest up to 12% during the locked-in duration. The amount of coins you lock-in is the amount you will get back at the end of the lock-in period, in addition to earned interest from the APY.

Now you may be asking, why are stable coins, well, stable?

Stable coins are less volatile because the existence of stable coins is to minimize the volatility of the price of the backed cryptocurrency. For every dollar invested, the crypto is backed 1:1 USD. In other words, there is collateral and the money you earn from the APY is coming from borrowers.

Which cryptocurrency exchange pays more?, Celsius, and Coinbase are all credible and reputable exchanges within the crypto community. The only difference is that some have more product offers or may support more altcoins. My recommendation for you is to visit each exchange and find out which coin you want to stake to earn a high APY reward and go from there.

Are there any sign-up bonuses or incentives for any of the exchanges currently?

Yes. Feel free to use any of the links below to become eligible and to claim the respective sign-up bonus for any of the exchanges.

Claim $10 in free Bitcoin after depositing $100 or more.

Stake a minimum of 1,000 CRO (~$80 USD) and get a $50 sign-up bonus

Claim $40 in free Bitcoin after depositing $400 or more using promo code: 11717805bf

Why are the rewards APY interests so high?

Early adopters of cryptocurrency can enjoy the high APY interests with stable coins if you don’t feel comfortable investing in non-stable coins. The reason why APY interests are so high is because you are lending your money out to investors who want to invest for extra return. The investor, not you who owns the stable coin, runs the risk of playing the market volatility, which can lead into massive earnings or losses.

If you are smart though, I would recommend to just enjoy the current high APY interests with stable coins so there is very little movement in the dollar backed stable coin while you can sit back, relax, and earn from a comfortable APY – almost like a stock dividend, but with a lock-in period.

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