How to Buy Gold Bullion Online

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Gold has been considered a safe haven investment since time immemorial. Unlike government-owned currencies with values that are highly dependent on a slew of different factors like economic indicators and whatnot, precious metals like gold are not susceptible to volatile price swings.

Additionally, one may notice the way gold increases in value along with the prices of goods. This makes the metal an excellent inflation hedge and wise investment, even while in college

Notwithstanding its appeal as an investment vehicle, the thing with gold, may it be in coins or bullion, is that they are not as widely circulated, so getting your hands on some may not be as easy. The most convenient way to purchase gold bullions is, of course, to order some online.

However, there is always some serious risk of ordering things online, especially when they cost a fortune. So in order to protect your hard-earned money, here are some tips on how to buy legitimate gold bullion online. 

How to Buy Gold Bullion Online

Look for trustworthy dealers

The same way you only deal with established trading platforms when buying cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, you must only buy gold bullions from trusted and established sellers. Do your research and look for dealers with a long successful history in selling gold bullions, and make sure you read customer reviews to find out which dealers are legit and which ones already have a history of disappointing or even defrauding past customers.

Always remember that business owners almost always have the ability to delete customer reviews from their own sites or social media pages, so make sure you also check forums, search engines, and social networking sites to see if anyone has flagged an unsuccessful transaction with the dealer you like. 

Take your time before buying

Now, just because a dealer has several glowing reviews from purported past clients, doesn’t mean you can trust them with your money. Some scammers are smart enough to mix up their fraudulent transactions with legitimate ones, so they get to keep the good customer reviews from verified buyers in order to remove suspicion on their part.

If you really want to buy gold bullion online, you have to be patient. Have several, lengthy conversations with the dealer through call or email so you can sufficiently assess their legitimacy and ability to assist you in making this huge life investment.

Take your time and give sufficient time for any red flags to arise, so you can ultimately dodge unscrupulous dealers.

Never buy in bulk on the first transaction

Another great strategy to assure yourself that you’re dealing with a trustworthy dealer is to actually buy the smallest volume they offer. This way, even if it turns out that they’re not selling legitimate bullions, you wouldn’t be losing as much money as you would have if you went all in.

Once you’ve ascertained that the dealer is good for their word, then you can start increasing your investment. Remember that scammers would entice you with significant discounts on bulk purchases, but what they really want is to get a huge sum of money from you before they disappear without a trace. You have got to fight FOMO when letting these discounts pass in exchange for your peace of mind.

Always go for the delivery option

Some dealers would offer to store your purchased bullions for you or deliver them at a later date in exchange for a discount, but if you can, always opt for the instant delivery option — at least you can immediately tell if something is wrong with the bullions you bought. Doing this, even if you still ultimately plan to deposit your gold elsewhere, limits the possibility of fraud. 

Look for good warranties

A respectable dealer who is truly interested in having a successful transaction with you would not mind giving guarantees and warranties on your purchase, such as a buyback option for your bullions. Some dealers would charge you a premium for the option to sell the gold back, while others will offer this for free. A return policy of sorts on the bullions would give you significant leeway to recover what you have paid if you’re not satisfied with the bullions you’ll get. 

Gold is probably the safest investment you can get for yourself, so it will be the height of irony if you let yourself be hoodwinked in the process of trying to buy some. But just follow the tips outlined in this article, and you’d end up with only the best bullions to match how much you’re willing to invest.

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