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How to Choose the Best Forex Robot

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In order to choose the best Forex robots, you have to proceed with mindfulness. It is very crucial because a lot of the Forex robots out there are scams that can cost traders huge monetary losses. There will always be deceitful websites waiting for you to fall for their scam and take advantage of you which is why it is important for you to be cautious when it comes to choosing the best Forex bots.

With this disclaimer in mind let’s look at some of the considerations to be made by you prior to investing in a Forex EA.

How to choose the best Forex robot

Minimum deposit

The first consideration you should make is the minimum deposit required by a particular Forex robot in order for you to access the EA system. You can start by checking out the robot’s site and look for terms and conditions to check the minimum deposit required. Also, check if the provider offers a money-back guarantee which is a good sign. On the other hand, if you are using a Forex robot that is compatible with MT4 or MT5 then the minimum deposit will depend on your choice of broker.


You must find out if your preferred Forex robot is authentic and whether its claims are genuine. The best of Forex EAs will always live up to the promises they make and they are close to reality than promising huge monthly profits with low-risks. You can opt for Forex EA trading demo accounts in order to get an experience of what you may be investing in. This will allow you to test automated signals and filter adjustments. As far as consistency is concerned you can check the company’s live trading results and backtesting. The top Forex robots that are genuinely here to help you will be transparent with their statistics and allow you access to view them.

Level Of Automation

There is a wide variation in terms of how automated and EA can be. Therefore to determine the level of automation you want you should consider how hands-on you desire to be in the trading process. Some traders prefer a certain amount of control and they wish to use the Forex EA to execute Forex market research but then manually enter buy and sell positions themselves. Another preference is when readers wish to put in the money and let the EA do all of the work. The last preference most commonly noticed is when traders like to have a say in whether or not to act on the robots findings when it comes to buying and selling. In the end it comes down to your personal choice and will mostly depend on your trading style and experience in the Forex trading market.

Currency Pairs

Another aspect to consider is the currency pairs a particular Forex robot allows you to trade but have a look at FX Expert Advisors Reviews first. Some Forex robots allow trading of all currency pairs that may exist on this Earth. While there are some robots that specifically specialise in a few set of currency pair and sometimes even just one. This is vital information with regards to where your valued money is going to be invested.

Forex EA Drawdown Percentage

Drawdown is nothing but the difference between the narrowest low price point and the highpoint. The gap between the balance of a trading account shows the lost profit from lost trades. Some traders prefer a vigilant maximum drawdown of 5% while some prefer a high 15%. This comes down entirely on personal choice and the information will be available for both trade by trade, and consecutive.

Payment Options

Different Forex robots have different payment options. There are some robots that only accept PayPal or cryptocurrencies while there are other providers who are more than willing to accept a range of more conventional payment methods like debit or credit cards. If you are looking for a specific payment method then you must find out if the preferred EA offers that particular payment option before you end up spending hours of research and get your hopes high.


Backtesting may not be the first or the most important information about the Forex robots but it will paint you a good picture of how the 4X software works in different market conditions. Typical includes metrics like economical changes and high volatility.

The above-mentioned are just a few of the basic aspect to consider so that you are able to choose the best Forex robots efficiently.

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