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Content Curation: Why It Should Be An Important Part Of Your L&D Strategy

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With the increased awareness about the need for employee upskilling, more and more businesses are spending time and money developing L&D programs. With the help of an effective L&D program, you can help employees learn better ways to fulfill their responsibilities and shine in their roles.

But this means you have to create a strategy to ensure the L&D program is in fact, effective. Without that, your entire effort and investment go to waste. The right L&D strategy will help you ensure employee learning needs and organizational training goals are being fulfilled successfully.

Creating an L&D strategy starts with defining the goals of the training and understanding what is lacking in the existing training content (if it exists). The L&D content can be made better with content curation in which existing resources are utilized to enhance the training results.

A lot of L&D pros argue that content curation is absolutely essential when developing an L&D strategy. This article explores how content curation in eLearning can help you build a robust L&D strategy and a successful training program. 

Saves times spent on learning:

You may feel knowing more will empower your employees, and in most cases it does. But the point of an L&D program is not to help employees learn everything there is to learn about a topic. It is to help them learn what will facilitate their growth.

By curating the content, you keep it focused on what is vital for employees to learn and prevents them from hunting through the program for hours. This will save time spent on an L&D program which prevents employees from feeling bored.

Cuts down the noise:

Employees often leave training midway because they feel overwhelmed with the amount of information that gets thrust onto them. By curating the eLearning content, you save them from having to navigate through oceans of topics and give them exactly what they need.

This way, the process of consuming knowledge becomes easy and the learning experience becomes smooth. Not only does this cuts down unnecessary information, but also ensures a rich learning experience.

Increases engagement:

Employee engagement is vital for the success of any organization. If an L&D program does not fulfill their learning needs and instead frustrates them, there is an increased likelihood of employee engagement levels dropping.

Curated content entails filtering the content to provide employees the most relevant resources which will allow them to discover the most updated information without much hassle. When employees can quickly find what they need to learn, it keeps them engaged.

Reduces course development time:

There is a wealth of information on the internet. Instead of building everything right from scratch, L&D pros can curate the existing resources and information to build an eLearning course that perfectly aligns with employee learning goals. 

This saves time spent on developing the eLearning courses and putting together the entire program. Combined with the capability of an LMS to automate the process of delivery of these courses, you can ensure your employees receive a more streamlined and customized learning experience.


Filtering information based on individual learning needs can help employees have full control over their learning. It ensures they get just what they want thereby keeping them excited to learn. Moreover, LMSs provide centralized storage of data which helps employees access learning content quickly from anywhere at any time. Creating well-curated content and delivering it through a powerful LMS like Cloud Academy can enhance the impact of your L&D program.

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