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How Good Financing Can Help Improve Educational Philosophy

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Education is one of the most important branches of the public service system in any country, but it is often the most neglected one. It seems like the most advanced countries in the world as well as the poor ones prefer investing their money into military or infrastructure. Many problems may arise from the poor education system including the lack of skilled experts plus the lack of enthusiasm in teachers needed for nourishing young talented minds. When left untreated, poor education becomes a chronic problem that plagues society and it becomes very hard to eradicate such nuisance. Our children are our future, so teaching them or giving them access to knowledge should be one of our biggest priorities.

Poor Country Equals Poor Education

Even the statistics are clear in one thing, poor countries undoubtedly produce fewer experts in any science field and this is no big surprise after all. There is a clear correlation between financing learning and getting skilled professionals, and most free essays on philosophy of education agree on that. In most undeveloped countries educational philosophy comes down to specializing students with outdated knowledge for even more outdated work profiles that are becoming obsolete. These countries do not realize that education evolves like everything else and while the rest of our modern world enters a new digital era, they remain stuck in the old way of thinking. This trend is disastrous for a whole job market as the time lost on poor education cannot be reversed thus precious human capital remains lost forever.

Poor Teachers Equals Poor Students

Each university that aspires to become a national bastion of wisdom requires good financing from a state budget. Any teacher with a decent salary feels more motivated for inspiring his pupils, spotting talented individuals plus putting some extra effort in guiding them on the right path. Each motivated student is more likely to pay extra attention to his lesson, paper assignments, and lectures as he feels respected and appreciated. One thing in which all free essays on critical thinking agree is that critical thinking is induced in young students by their favorite teachers. With no one to inspire them, students tend to be more lazy, uninterested in their curriculum, and rebellious in nature.

Creating a National Strategy

Implementing modern learning methods or upgrading classrooms with the latest technology is just one part of solving a problem of poor national education strategy. Schools, colleges, or universities need money, teachers need better salaries, students need better loans, and we need more private schooling institutions. There is no sugarcoating this, proper education costs money, thus it should be seen as a business of investing in our future. Hopefully, young politicians that will rise from our Millenial generation will secure good financing of learning instead of spending government money on meaningless research or developing better nuclear weapons. Education should be a number one priority when it comes to budgeting, but each society must evolve consciousness about its importance for a nation’s future.

Each happy teacher will produce happy students and there is no question about it. He is more willing to motivate his pupils, more ready to put extra work or energy into leading them toward adulthood. Perhaps each government should think hard about producing a solid national education strategy that fits the modern needs of a new generation. There is nothing more devastating than being trapped into an old way of thinking with stale ideas that do not work anymore. Our youth needs freedom, creativity, and great job opportunities upon graduating, so those should be the pillars of a new educational philosophy of our age.

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