Cryptocurrency Research Tools for Newbies

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Trading cryptocurrencies is difficult. Anything from understanding regarding wallets to researching bitcoin exchanges introduces new ideas that need time to grasp. This article aims not to teach you all there is to know regarding cryptocurrencies but rather to offer information that will help you better comprehend the market. After 2008, when Bitcoin initially appeared, approximately 5,000 coins have been created, making it almost difficult to study every currency. Fortunately, with the tools discussed in the rest of this post, you will have a solid basis for gathering information and making educated choices. Before jumping onto the article, you must visit BitIQ Trading Bot to get a clear understanding of cryptocurrency.

Newbies’ Cryptocurrency Research Tools


Glassnode is a blockchain-based information and analytics platform which provides a wealth of measurements and insights. Glassnode may be used to unchain market indications for any currency. The site also offers statistics to assist you in analyzing the exchange input and outflow for various currencies. The amount of unique and existing addresses may tell you a lot about what’s going on in the cryptocurrency industry. Glassnode provides free platform accessibility.  You’ll have to upgrade to a paid membership version for a more advanced and powerful version.


LunarCrush is by far the most trustworthy social media service in the cryptocurrency community. Social tendencies may have a significant effect on cryptocurrency pricing. Trying to keep up with most of the social networks within and outside of the crypto industry, however, seems to be almost difficult – that’s why LunarCrush would do it for you. To collect information on various digital currencies on social networking sites, the platform employs ai technology. Then, LunarCrush provides statistics from all social media networks, such as Facebook and others, as well as Google search traffic, news activity, link appeal, and much more. This data may help you make informed, data-driven trading choices. Even more, LunarCrush offers a free plan that allows you to make use of the network’s most essential features.


You’ve undoubtedly read about Coinmarketcap; however, you might not have known about CoinGecko. CoinGecko is a big data collector that monitors cryptocurrency values by market capitalization. You can monitor live price movements for over 7,700 currencies and 450 exchangers. The website not only tracks and measures coins and assets by market size and platforms by trading flow, but it also offers an in-depth study of the crypto industry. CoinGecko also offers community statistics for Instagram, Linked In, Reddit, and other social media platforms. With CoinGecko, you can take use of a variety of additional helpful features to obtain a comprehensive picture of a certain coin.


Since 2014, CoinMarketCap has served as a jumping-off place for investors new to the cryptocurrency industry. As the most prominent cryptocurrency website, most traders utilize CoinMarketCap to research new currencies and collect market data easily. CoinMarketCap’s notable characteristics include currency listing by market capitalization, previous price charts, asset availability metrics, market capitalization across multiple exchanges, as well as the specified market pairings for each platform. CoinMarketCap is perhaps the most trustworthy site for beginning a new cryptocurrency research project, tracking over 6,000 distinct cryptocurrencies.

Binance Research

Everyone who has been following the cryptocurrency industry for even more than several months has most certainly heard about Binance. They are considered one of the world’s biggest digital currency exchanges and provide various goods. The Binance Research forum is among the tools they offer to investors. This platform is devoted to educating visitors about the cryptocurrency industry and virtual currencies. An excellent resource for novice investors is Binance Research’s lengthy material, which provides a better knowledge of how the industry operates.  Not just can you read in-depth debates on market issues, but you can also discover information on various methods to participate in the market, such as currency trading, futures trading, borrowing, and much more. Ultimately, we strongly advise you to visit the Binance Research portal.


The cryptocurrency business is a thriving economy, with a plethora of industry activities that may influence price fluctuations. If you do not utilize cryptocurrency research platforms like CoinMarketCal, it isn’t easy to stay up with happenings in the crypto industry. CoinMarketCal is a digital currency timetable that keeps you fully updated on all scheduled events for various currencies. The platform combines proof-based and community-based frameworks, allowing users to submit crypto events that are then verified. Upvotes go to genuine events, while downvotes go to those that appear to be false. If you are interested in particular happenings that you believe will have an effect on the value of a certain cryptocurrency, for instance, just browse the coin on the site. With some taps, you’ll be able to view all of the scheduled programs for the chosen time period.

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