How to Choose Custom Duffel Bags for Promotions in a Sports Event

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The main goal of promotional goods is to improve your outreach and brand recognition rates. Market research shows that functional and practical promotional goods like duffel bags have more potential to improve your brand visibility than mementos and other less functional products. 

Custom duffel bags are a popular choice for sports events. Sports events often necessitate travel, and participants and coaches usually carry sports gear, team uniforms, and other sports-related goods during these travels. 

So, a spacious duffel bag with enough storage space to contain these goods is bound to make your guests happy. Bulk ordering is the most cost-effective way to purchase custom promotional products. It’s vital to choose a reliable promotional products distributor for duffel bags. 

Prioritize Longevity  

Duffel bags can potentially become a routine of your guest’s life and their travel. Each time a customer or client carries your promotional duffel bag to an event, game, or trip, more people are likely to notice your brand’s name and logo. 

Studies show that repeat exposure and contact help improve brand visibility and loyalty. Hence, it is vital to prioritize the durability of the bags. Besides paying attention to the bag’s quality, you should also pay attention to the print quality. 

Brand names and logos tend to discolor and fade away due to sun damage and water damage. High-grade fabric printing techniques and high-quality ink can help ensure that the name and logo stay on for longer.

Make Them Highly Functional

Think from an athlete’s perspective when choosing duffel bags for your event. Learn about common problems athletes and other sports enthusiasts face during travels and then find ways to solve these problems with your duffel bags. 

For instance, duffel bags with separate, integrated shoe storage units, rolling wheels, and weatherproof features solve multiple problems that your sports event participants may be facing. 

The more functional your bags are, the more likely your customers and clients are to use them. Several sports event organizers also give away duffel bags to their staff and participants. So, it is essential to find ways to make your custom duffel bags stand out. 

Gym-friendly, lightweight duffel bags that can also double as travel bags are a great choice. Check if the bags have separate compartments for gym bottles and other small accessories like headbands, gym wear, and lifting gloves.

Also, inspect the “wearability” of the bags. The shoulder straps and lift pads should come with adequate cushioning, and the straps and loops should hold the weight of sports gear and gym accessories.

The Size of the Bag

There is no “standard duffel bag size” that works for all sports enthusiasts alike. The size you choose should be based on the nature and type of your sports event. Marathon runners, gymnasts, and other athletes don’t tend to carry tons of sports gear other than clothes and footwear. 

They may not need extra large bags for their travels and trips. Conversely, team sports participants may need to carry protective pads, balls, bats, and other equipment. The bags you choose should be big enough to house the gear. The bags’ “mouth” or central opening should be wide enough to fit the gear comfortably without wrestling in gear. 

An established duffel bag supplier who has worked with event organizers for years can help you choose suitable bags for your sports events. You may also consider the quality of the fabric or other material used for the bag’s exterior and interior compartments.

The Reputation of the Supplier

Customer satisfaction ratings and the reputation of the custom duffel bag supplier is another vital point to assess. Check if the company has lots of positive reviews and testimonials. You may also verify if the company has reasonable return and refund policies for defective bags. 

Additionally, it is essential to choose a bag supplier that offers various duffel bags with different features for you to choose from. The supplier should also provide excellent customization services. 

Price and Logo Placement

High-quality bags with several integrated features may be more expensive than standard, single-compartment duffel bags. However, you should also study the quality, functionality, and durability of the bags while considering the price. 

Bulk-ordering and repetitive ordering may make you eligible for customer discounts and other attractive deals. The placement and positioning of the brand name and logo deserve critical attention. The logo and brand name should be visible and “eye-catching.”

Final Thought

Duffel bags are highly usable, cost-efficient promotional products that can improve your brand recognition rates and customer and client engagement rates. It is crucial to choose a promotional duffel bag supplier who offers value for money. 

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