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Citi Custom Cash Card – What Does It Offer?

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Citi has taken the market by storm with their Citi Custom Card. This innovative new credit card from Citi features an amazing rewards program in hot, popular categories such as gas, groceries and dining. Citi Custom Cards can be used at millions of locations and cards are issued at great benefits for their frequent travelers. Citi cards are also great credit card benefits for business credit card holders who want to reward their employees with cash back for spending.

Great credit card benefit for business travelers:

Whether you use your Citi travel card to pay for airfare, hotel expenses and rental car expenses, or you plan to make hotel arrangements, Citi travel rewards card is worth its weight in gold. Citi travel card is also a valuable credit card benefit to anyone who has family members in locations outside of your home country. Citi travel card is a valuable credit card worth its weight in gold for those frequent travelers.

An exciting credit card benefit to earn cash back on every purchase you make:

Citi custom cash card can be used at millions of locations worldwide; this card not only gives you a credit card benefit, but an opportunity to earn cash back on every purchase. You can get double points on gas purchases or earn 1.5% cash back on dining reservations and services, Citi cash back cards earn you reward points which you can redeem online. Citi credit card allows its customers to take trips around the world and return home with cash instead of airline miles. Citi travel card is a travel card worth its weight in gold.

Enables authorized users to redeem their points online:

This service offers a variety of redemption options, including hotels, museums, restaurants, and theme parks. The service provides users with opportunities to save, spending power, and cash back benefits. Citi credit card gives you a chance to earn back your investment while enjoying travel rewards and saving. The Citi Custom card is a credit card that will enable you to go where you want, do what you want and pay no fees.

Offers benefits that will help you earn, spend, and save:

This card is designed for the consumer who wants to find the best credit card offers available. Citi Cash Rewards cards offer cash back on every purchase you make, whether it’s at an approved retail store or online. Citi cash back cards are accepted at millions of locations worldwide. Citi top spending category is in travel rewards cards and this card is perfect for those travelers looking to maximize their rewards.

Citi cash card is not without its benefits:

One of which is the ability to save with this credit card and earn thank you points. Citi offers the benefits of cash back, rewards, and a low interest rate. While this is a top-rated credit card, the interest rate is not the lowest around. As a matter of fact, Citi cash card is not the lowest interest rated cash cards on the market. You should check to see what the annual percentage rate is before you apply for any credit card.

If you are looking to find a cash card that has a higher rewards rate than other companies, Citi custom card is the one you want to go with. Citi cash card allows you to get a higher than average interest rate as well as a twenty-five to thirty-day grace period if you are late paying a payment. Citi also offers three different options: The Low Income Plan, the Preferred Rewards Plan, and the Standard Rewards Plan. If you need a card with more benefits than these plans, Citi Custom Cash Card may be the card for you.

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