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The Secret To Amazon FBA: A Guide For Success

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If you’re an online retailer – or looking to launch your first online store – then you’re already familiar with the selling power of Amazon. With over 310 million active users, and a projected 50% of all retail eCommerce in the US, its influence continues to expand and invite new sellers onto the platform.

However, brands and retailers looking to succeed on Amazon need to think a few steps further than listing their products on the website. In addition to staying up-to-date with Amazon’s requirements and trends, success on Amazon FBA requires implementing tips and techniques that will set them apart from the competitors.

When starting as an Amazon seller, some brands want to supercharge their success potential to grow their store, while others chase growth to sell Amazon FBA business accounts and walk away with profits. Whatever your goal may be, here’s how to turn your store into a successful business.

Use Automation And Integration Tools

Setting up your account and sourcing your products will get your store off the ground, but turning it into a successful business requires optimizing your operations long-term. In today’s digital business world, the best way to do this is by automating and integrating digital solutions wherever possible.

Some popular automation tools include data monitoring and management with AWS cloud security, connecting your seller central financials with accounting systems, automating sales tax reporting and filing, and automated customer follow-ups for reviews and customer feedback. There are plenty of automation tools on the market, so it’s best to dedicate some time to research before setting up your workflow.

Automation will not only reduce any back-and-forth with management but will also remove the potential for human error and make your operation considerably more attractive for potential buyers. Ultimately, your success depends on the overall quality of your operation – not just your products – so you should cover all bases of your business before handling your store’s growth.

Find The Best Products To Sell

Before you establish what you’re going to sell, you need to decide what kind of seller you want to be. Your options include:

  • Reseller: purchase existing products at wholesale and sell them as a retailer;
  • Retail arbitrage: find attractive deals in retail stores, liquidation sales, and other sources, and resell it on Amazon for a profit; or
  • Private label: improve existing items, supply them from contract manufacturers, and develop the products under your brand.

When solidifying your idea, think about the opportunities through the lens of consumers. In other words, avoid choosing products you would buy and opt for ones likely to sell. The best way to do this is through a data-driven approach.

What you should aim for is finding products with high demand and low competition. Assess the opportunities for your offer, research your potential competitors, and create a strategy that will give you a competitive edge.

Improve Your Customer Metrics

Good customer satisfaction ratings are crucial to the success of your business – not only because they will help you retain existing customers but also land new ones. Why? Because customers will almost always browse through reviews before making a purchase, and as much as 85 percent of them find online reviews.

For this reason, you should not only focus on what your customers are saying about your products but how you respond to them. For instance, if a customer has a bad experience with shipping, they may use their review to talk about that rather than the product itself. If you can address and resolve their issues early on, you can gain loyalty and trust in the long term.

Amazon already provides valuable information on how your brand is performing in the area of customer satisfaction. Some of the metrics you should pay attention to include order defect rate (ODR), return dissatisfaction rate (RDR), and late shipment rate.

Create Your Unique Branded Store

A great way to advertise your products and catch the attention of buyers is to use Amazon Stores – a free merchandising and advertising option that offers a customizable storefront for showcasing your products and brand story. This self-service tool provides many advantages, some of which include:

  • Having a unique Amazon web address;
  • Creating multiple pages as your product catalog;
  • Choosing from pre-made mobile and desktop designs;
  • Getting traffic from Amazon search and detail pages.

Amazon Stores is a great way to increase shopper engagement and have a curated page where customers can both shop your products and learn about your brand. You can also promote your Amazon Store in Sponsored Brands, use social media advertisements, or use built-in reporting tools to evaluate what your store’s visitors find appealing and double down on your efforts there.

Final Words

When starting their Amazon store, people often want to find the silver bullet that will turn their store into an overnight success. In reality, however, you should not look for shortcuts but focus on techniques that will grow your store into a valuable and attractive business.

Once you’re past the technical aspect of setting up your account and store, you should:

  • Use automation and integration tools to optimize your operations;
  • Find the best products to sell;
  • Constantly work on improving your customer metrics; and
  • Use advertising options like creating your unique branded store. 

Lastly, stay on strategy and continue testing to find which formula works best for you.

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