9 Jobs that Looks Good on Your Resume

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Not all jobs are equal when it comes to improving your resume. For some roles, the skills, experience, and knowledge you acquire from your previous occupations can significantly boost your marketability and chances of landing your dream job.

Keep on reading to find out nine resume-boosting jobs that can help you stand out! 

Retail Sales Associate

A job as a retail sales associate may appear unrelated to your future job goals. However, this position can help you refine some crucial qualities that employers love to see and develop transferable skills that contribute to a solid resume.

For instance, most retail jobs need employees to work as a part of a big team and still be able to handle tasks and other responsibilities on their own. 

If you’ve worked in retail, your experience can be used to show that you can be both self-sufficient and a team player at the same time!

Retail jobs also require customer service and communication skills, which are desirable in industries and positions such as marketing, management, and sales.

A retail sales associate is also a decent-paying entry-level job, ideal for people who enjoy helping others and wish to open the door to exciting new career options.

Project Manager

Project managers are capable of managing timelines, budgets, and the expectations of clients. 

A successful project manager knows how to make their clients happy and is flexible enough to deal with all kinds of client requests with ease. 

Anyone who has seen a real estate project manager work knows that they are more than capable of taking empty land and transforming it into a huge factory, school, or hospital by foreseeing each step of the process and organizing a big number of workers and resources.

The wide variety of managerial skills you learn by overseeing projects, whether as a project coordinator or manager, is staggering. Plus, the leadership skills you develop while working as a project manager can help you take on almost any role in the future.

You can read more about what a project manager does here.

Teacher or Private Tutor

Having experience in teaching or tutoring is always a good addition to your resume. This is because this role involves several appealing and transferable qualities like flexibility, communication skills, patience, and proficiency in connecting with others. 

Not to mention it also demonstrates that you’re knowledgeable enough in a particular subject to be able to guide others (which always paints a good picture for a job applicant!).

A good teacher also needs to evaluate their student’s comprehension and comfort levels and then be accommodating and understanding enough to adapt if needed. Almost every career requires some degree of collaboration with clients or peers, which makes these soft skills desirable to employers.

You can now tutor kids online through platforms like Cluey Learning, which means you can develop the skills described from the comfort of your home. 

Business or Financial Analyst

In today’s information-driven world, data equals power. This is why HR teams always prefer candidates who know how to process data and use it to increase sales.

Having experience working as a business analyst shows that you have valuable analytical skills. The ability to translate detailed graphs, charts, and numbers into something easier to understand and actionable is always helpful for any business. This can make your resume much more appealing if you know how to leverage it properly.

HR Manager

Companies love seeing HR work experience in candidates’ histories because they show that they can deal with almost everything thrown their way and are great at managing individuals.

Whether it’s behavior or performance issues, claims, lawsuits, or daily compliance problems, an HR manager needs to regularly keep up with complex regulations, laws, policies, trends, and worker requests.

Candidates who have HR work experience are likely to have desirable leadership qualities and can show other individuals how to manage people properly.

Software Engineer

If the recent pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that software and tech fields will continue to expand and grow. 

In today’s fast-paced world, the need to be more connected is absolutely essential as more and more businesses are transitioning towards working online. 

The great thing about having experience working as a software engineer is that software and tech skills are highly sought after in today’s landscape. It opens up a wide range of areas for you because all major industries use software to some extent.

If you’ve always been passionate about software (like Bill Gates), here’s how you can turn your passion into a career.


The goal of a consultant is to evaluate a situation, create recommendations, and then coach an employee, team, or business to achieve the desired target. 

Their work may involve collaborating with local and international businesses or industries. Therefore, a year’s worth of experience as a consultant can sometimes be comparable to multiple years of work experience in another job role.

Consultants have exposure to a wide variety of topics and teams. They can also do things like analyse a complicated Excel file or create and present a structured PowerPoint presentation in front of large groups (which is a valuable skill to have in any industry). 

If you’ve always struggled with presentations, here are some tips on how to properly structure a PowerPoint presentation.

Customer Service Manager

Today’s world is becoming more and more customer-centric. Client satisfaction is vital to all businesses. 

If you’ve worked as a “service manager,” “client relations director,” or any other similar position, you know how to provide excellent customer service, create plans to reach service goals, efficiently communicate with customers, and diffuse tense customer situations. 

These skills are useful in many industries and are often sought after by hiring managers.

Strategy Manager

Having past work experience as a “Strategy Manager” or “Strategy Consultant” demonstrates a candidate’s ability to see the bigger picture.

Strategy managers review businesses and determine their flaws, strengths, opportunities, and operational effectiveness. They also make recommendations based on the organization’s internal and external factors and develop plans to achieve long-term goals.

All of this is important for an organization’s long-term success. Employers always value candidates who can understand the company’s vision and design solid steps to reach desired results because this can give their business an edge over their competitors!

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