Relative Risk Levels for Investing Techniques

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Do you ever wonder about the risk factor of investing? Most people research their favorite securities and trading techniques before diving into a new money-making enterprise, even if it’s just a side job as a casual trader or investor. The main thing to remember is that every method comes with its own unique levels of risk. For example, those who put all their funds into cryptocurrency typically know they’re getting involved in a highly volatile pursuit. Assets like bitcoin can rise and fall by thousands of dollars per day. Similarly, day trading tends to be a riskier way of doing business when compared to swing trading and buy and hold approaches.

Real estate shares, forex, and metals-backed stocks all have their unique risk profiles as well. In most cases, individuals choose an asset class and a trading style based on their tolerance for risk, personal preferences, and understanding of various financial instruments. Here are some relative risk profiles for top trading and investing strategies.

Cryptocurrency Staking

Many newer cryptocurrencies offer investors generous incentives for parking their funds in on-site accounts. If you put $1,000, for example, into a crypto coin that offers to stake investments, you stand to earn as much as 15 percent interest on deposits as long as you don’t park the money in an offline, hard wallet. Risk levels vary with the particular coins, so do plenty of research before choosing a coin to stake.

Day Trading

There are numerous myths about day trading, and one of them is that it’s highly risky. In reality, people who do it for a living usually build risk avoidance components into their techniques. Stop losses are a perfect example, as are limits on the amount of capital spent on a given trade. You can review a complete day trading guide that lists all the essential facts about getting started in a safe, reasonable way. There are plenty of help guides about day trading for beginners, so be sure to choose wisely and spend time practicing on a demo account with fictitious funds before placing your own capital on the line.

Real Estate Shares and Forex

The benefit of real estate shares is that anyone can take part in profits without having to purchase an entire property. For as little as $20, you can acquire shares in residential real estate ventures that come with relatively low risk. Forex is another common field in which risk-averse investing enthusiasts park their capital, attempting to earn profits on correct guesses about the direction of international currency values.

Gold-Backed Equities

People who build portfolios that are primarily composed of gold-backed equities, like mining stocks, tend to prefer a mixed risk profile. That’s because mining stocks tend to do well when the price of gold is headed upward, but they don’t always climb as high as the metal’s standalone price. After all, mining operation share values are based on factors other than gold’s immediate price tag. Those who enjoy playing the precious metals markets but don’t want the volatility that often comes with the territory routinely opt for secondary assets like mining stocks and ETFs (exchange traded funds) that partially track the ebb and flow of gold’s daily market value.

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