What Jobs Are Available For Software Engineering Specialists?

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Software engineering specialists design and develop software engineering components. They also evaluate technical architectures and frameworks, plus they test software and perform any necessary updates. Best of all? They are in heavy demand.

It is simple to gain the necessary skills and qualifications through a Software Engineering Course and there are many streams of work available, including:  

Web Developer/Designer

The demand for web developers and designers does not appear to be slowing down anytime soon. Every business needs a website today or new features to add to their existing one, regardless of industry or size.

The job outlook for web developers is very good right now, and it’s among the fastest-growing careers. By 2023, employment in this field will rise by a whopping 20.5 per cent. The top three areas with the most web developer jobs are New South Wales with 40.7 per cent, Victoria with 28.2 per cent, and Queensland with 13 per cent. 

To attract top-notch web developers, companies will often offer above-average pay packages. If you are a web developer, you are likely to secure a job with high salary potential, regardless of whether you are a specialist or a generalist.

Cyber Security Analyst

Cybercrime is growing every year and the methods that hackers are using are growing more sophisticated every year. 

Scamwatch figures released by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) show Australians lost over $34 million to all types of cyber scams in January 2022. In January, the ACCC received 21,110 reports of scams, an increase of 45 per cent over the previous month.

Cybercrime is especially damaging to businesses, costing SMEs between $9000 and $33,000 per incident to recover from while larger companies are losing up to $19,000 per incident. 

That means it is no surprise that businesses are turning to Cyber Security professionals to protect their people, data and bottom line from the threat of attack. The Australian cyber security industry is currently short of 2300 professionals, and by 2026, there will be a need for at least 17,600 additional workers.

Game Developer

The video game industry keeps getting bigger and bigger, delivering Triple-A, photo-realistic experiences to rival Hollywood blockbusters that require vast teams of skilled engineers to complete. While Japan and the United States are the primary countries developing these games, the industry is calling out for developers all over the world. To embark on the journey of how to become a game developer, one must recognize the global demand within the expanding video game industry, offering diverse opportunities for those aspiring to contribute to top-notch gaming experiences worldwide.

Even during the impacts of COVID, the 2020 Australian Game Development Survey showed the industry grew by 29 per cent. Interactive Games & Entertainment Association (IGEA) chief executive Ron Curry believes with government support, the Aussie video game industry can spearhead Australia’s economic revival.

“There is an immediate opportunity to create a $1 billion video game development industry in Australia and play an important part in reviving the Australian economy,” he said.

“Globally, video games were predicted to be a 250 billion-dollar industry in 2020, nearly 10 times the global music industry.” 

Applications Developer

Just like the video game industry, applications for mobile devices are in high demand – but there is enormous competition. Currently, there are more than 2.87 million apps available in the Google Play Store alone. Because of the avalanche of apps on the market, around 80 per cent will fail after the first year on the market.

That means there is equal demand for highly skilled applications developers as well, to give businesses the best chance of success in a clogged market. 

IT Consultant

Almost every industry requires information technology (IT) consultants in the modern world so the scope of job opportunities is virtually limitless. Clients rely on them to advise them on how to use IT to reach their business goals efficiently and effectively.

It is essential that IT consultants are able to design and improve IT structures for their clients, as well as identify and solve various IT problems. It is important for them to understand desktop and server issues, as well as to install and troubleshoot clients’ IT hardware and software.  

In the next five years, the IT Security Consulting industry is expected to continue to rebound from the negative effects of COVID-19. As technology continues to improve, security infrastructure will likely become more vulnerable, leading businesses to prioritise security.

In that same time period, more large corporations are expected to move their IT security operations in-house so they can exercise greater control over their IT security operations which will further increase the demand for skilled and qualified IT consultants.

Multimedia Programmer

A multimedia programmer is an expert software engineer and should be able to select the appropriate programming language, such as HTML, Flash, PHP, etc. They should also know how to design the product to be compatible with different platforms, such as Android or iOS.  

To create innovative products, multimedia programmers use text, sounds, graphics, digital photography, 2D/3D models, animations, and videos. The majority of your work will be to fulfil the needs of a designer developing websites, video content, games, mobile applications, and animations.

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