Bulgarian Stock Exchange Launches 8 Crypto ETN’s

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Now Bulgarians will be able to make cryptocurrency investments via the stock market of their country. Recently the Bulgarian stock exchange launched 8 crypto Exchange-traded notes or ETNs.These are based on Ethereum and Bitcoin, two popular digital assets. It followed that example that was set by prominent European platforms supporting similar products.The News Spy Bitcoin App is the first software to use for online trading.

Cryptocurrency Exchange-traded notes offered to investors in Bulgaria

  • An exchange-traded note is known to be a cryptocurrency alternative.
  • It is a debt security that is capable of tracking any security’s underlying index.
  • However, its prices will fluctuate similar to rates of stocks.
  • It is like bonds not requiring payment of interest.
  • Any investors in search of appropriate cryptocurrency products can now trade freely in 8 cryptocurrency Exchange-traded notes.
  • For the first time in Bulgaria, it is offering an alternative to cryptos.
  • It will let any investor in Bulgaria begin cryptocurrency instrument trading that will be tracking Bitcoin and Ethereum price rates.
  • Many European exchanges that introduced such instruments a few years ago can now provide cryptocurrency-related products that are accessible for trading.
  • An Exchange-traded note will pay investors full index value minus a fee for management at maturity.
  • It will be allowing investors to make an investment into cryptos and digital assets but never let them hold their private keys.
  • It will be giving investors a chance to get exposure to not only Bitcoin but also other cryptos in any account such as retirement accounts.
  • It came after the Finance Minister of Bulgaria mentioned that the country is exploring different options for facilitating crypto payments.
  • Cryptocurrency payment mechanism was planned to get introduced in the short or medium-term as it was discussed with the National Bank of the country and some representatives of the cryptocurrency industry of Bulgaria.

More information on the newly listed crypto instruments

  • Deutsche Borse, a trade market-organizing company in Germany, and Tradegate AG, a financial service provider that is Berlin-based, started to work with the Bulgarian Stock Exchange for making sure of these Exchange Traded Notes liquidity.
  • In the past, many European exchanges like Euronext and Deutsche Borse launched Exchange-traded notes trading on the platforms.
  • A license has been filed by the NYSE to let cryptocurrency trading properly on its platform.
  • It also has plans of developing a virtual marketplace for selling digital collectibles known as non-fungible tokens or NFTs.

Recent update on crypto Exchange-traded notes

  • Bulgarian Stock Exchange began to trade crypto instruments and tracked rates of the price of both Ethereum and Bitcoin.
  • Investors are also trading in these cryptocurrency exchange-traded notes without any hassle. With the launch of these 8 Exchange-traded notes the stock market in Bulgaria is following the footsteps of the main exchanges in Europe.
  • These new products have met the enhanced interest in the market of cryptocurrency instruments.
  • By offering an alternative digital asset to trade in cryptos the process has become easy and simple for every investor who is interested in cryptocurrency investment.
  • Cryptocurrency Exchange-traded notes trading is mainly in continuation of the long-term partnership of BSE with the Deutsche Borse and Tradegate AG, the market maker.
  • This was explained by the stock market body in Bulgaria.
  • It will make sure that the crypto instruments maintain liquidity and products get traded in Euros and at the time of regular trading sessions.
  • The Finance Minister of Bulgaria announced in his recent interview that the European Union’s member states are exploring some options for facilitating payments of cryptos.
  • Totally 198 financial instruments of companies globally will get traded on MTF Bulgarian Stock Exchange International after the current admission.
  • The trading party of BSE International is the Tradegate of Germany that is the market maker of every issue of BSE International that is market registered.
  • The market segment of BSE International was launched in July 2021.
  • It allowed local investors to make direct investments in some global organizations such as Facebook, Microsoft, Apple, IBM, Siemens, Intel, Tesla, and Cisco that are traded on new markets.


The eight crypto Exchange-traded notes launched in Bulgaria will be letting investors place their money into cryptocurrency without the requirement of creating and owning cryptocurrency wallets or cryptographic keys. Also, they will be having access to cryptocurrency instruments that are regulation compliant.

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