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Confused to Invest in Real Estate or Crypto? We Tell You What to Buy

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One of the best ways of building wealth and saving it for retirement is through investment. There are many opportunities for investment that will let you diversify your portfolio and reduce risks. Every opportunity has its pros and cons. That is why you have to research properly and to do that you can visit for further information on how to avoid scam. Now, let us check out real estate and cryptocurrency and find out which one to invest in. 

Pros of investing in cryptocurrency

  • Cryptocurrency is completely different from conventional currency.
  • This is because this digital asset is decentralized.
  • No single entity controls or regulates cryptocurrency.
  • The transfer of crypto is done easily via a series of privately connected computers, and a ledger is shared.
  • Every time the transfer takes place, it is shared publicly through the blockchain.
  • Bitcoins that circulate are in limited numbers. So no government can print more.
  • Such a protocol makes cryptocurrency inflation proof.
  • It is one of the biggest reasons individuals are interested in Bitcoin.
  • Another advantage of cryptocurrency is that there is hardly a low entry barrier.
  • If a Bitcoin’s price fluctuates nearly $30000-$40000 USD, you can buy smaller units called Satoshis that represent Bitcoin’s tiny fraction.
  • Now for 1 dollar, you can have almost 2700 Satoshi.
  • There are many altcoins that will let you buy a full currency for much lower prices.
  • One such popular digital currency is Ethereum.
  • Cryptocurrency, too, comes with long-term perks with the prospect of high gains.
  • In the last 5 years, the value of Bitcoin alone increased by nearly 6000%.
  • Such a figure was close enough to 9000 % during its high in April last year.
  • Other digital currencies posted more than 1000% returns in the last few years.
  • Also, some institutional investors are adopting Bitcoin.
  • Few projects that the price of Bitcoin will grow more than $100000 soon and it will be replacing fiat money such as the Euro or the US dollar.

Pros of investing in real estate

  • One of the biggest pros of investing in real estate is getting hold of a tangible asset.
  • Because of what real estate is and not for individuals to attribute some value to it, it includes intrinsic value.
  • It is a necessity as individuals will require a place for living, working, exercising, etc.
  • If you invest in real estate, you will get the chance of forcing asset appreciation.
  • You will be able to make some strategic improvements that can end in higher rents each month as the values of such investments are dependent on the produced net income, and they increase the property’s value.
  • Such improvements can be new paint, upgrading the property’s exterior, security improvements, or a full interior renovation.
  • You will also enjoy some steady income source that is a passive flow of cash through real estate.
  • Such rents each month can be used for covering the payment of the mortgage on your property, every expense and having enough room to make some profit.
  • Rents will be increasing typically with inflation.
  • Thus real estate will be an appropriate barrier against inflation.
  • You will also enjoy the benefits of tax breaks or deductions that you will get when you will own a real estate. It will make it highly profitable compared to other investment firms.


If you are thinking of investing your money in cryptocurrency or real estate, then it is a simple decision. Real estate investment offers a tangible asset generating a trustworthy income source every month along with appreciation. You will enjoy many tax benefits apart from incentives that are associated with the real estate. You will get the chance of utilizing leverage for increasing your returns. Moreover, real estate is stock market independent. Thus it is an excellent way of diversifying the portfolio and reducing the overall risk. Cryptocurrency is basically a speculative guess and not an investment that is based on some fundamentals. Cryptocurrency prices are very volatile, and investors can lose everything or some money. It does not pay dividends. The main way of making money from it is through appreciation of capital. Less risk comes with real estate, and it will provide more inline returns. It will give you a tangible asset. So, according to some, investing in real estate is better but if you are interested in cryptocurrency investment, research a bit and then get into action.

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