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How to Sign Up to Drive with Uber? Step-by-Step Guide

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The gig economy is booming, especially as the pandemic forced many people from their offices, and in some cases, out of their jobs, and into situations where the need for schedule flexibility in caring for out-of-school children and attending to personal matters became a necessity. Furthermore, schedule flexibility allows for greater work-life balance, and the ride-share industry, along with delivery industries, makes up a growing chunk of the workforce. Driving on a platform like Uber offers many benefits, including the ability to choose your own schedule, flexibility in working as a ride-share driver whenever you want, and the ability to earn tips.

You may be wondering what it takes to sign up to drive with Uber. There are two ways to do this: on the Uber website or in the app after downloading it to a mobile device. In order to become a driver with Uber, you’ll need to complete the activation process that includes uploading several pieces of identification documentation, verifying that your vehicle is capable of performing the tasks, and ensuring that all drivers have the Uber app installed on their smartphones. Get started by following these instructions:

Getting Started

Step One

Download the Uber Driver app to your smartphone via the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store first.

Step Two

Make sure that you meet both the company’s and your local municipality’s requirements for drivers. To sign up, you must have at least one year of experience as a licensed driver. If the driver is under the age of 25, he or she must have at least three years of driving experience. In addition, he or she must drive a four-door vehicle when providing ride-share services. Delivery drivers with Uber Eats can use a two-door car or a scooter with a maximum horsepower of 50ccs.

Step Three

Gather all the required documentation, which includes a driver’s license, proof of residency in the city where you will be driving, proof of vehicle insurance, and a photo of the driver that is different from the one on the license and shows the entire face and shoulders, without sunglasses, well-lit with nothing else in the picture, and is facing forward.

Step Four

After logging into the Uber website or mobile app, either with your Uber credentials or by clicking “Sign Up” in the top right corner, you will answer several questions, including whether you have a car, a bit about yourself for verification of identity (and to agree to a background check), and so on. Please note that Uber has separate sign up processes for riders and drivers if you prefer to sign up through an app. The Uber Driver app must be downloaded and installed on your smartphone before you can log in with your Uber credentials and begin the sign up process.

Step Five

Once you have completed the activation process and agreed to a background check, you will be asked to upload digital copies of the documents listed above. You can use your phone’s camera to take photos of documents for uploading as part of the activation process. If you do not have insurance on your vehicle, do you have the option to sign up for Uber‘s insurance, which is only active if you are using the app to pick up drivers or deliver meals. The insurance is not valid when you are not driving with Uber, but it includes basic liability and bodily injury coverage. The background check can take up to ten days.

Step Six

Once you finish activating your account, open the app to start accepting rides or deliveries.


Along with the aforementioned recommendations, drivers should have their vehicles inspected on a regular basis, keep their records up to date with any changes, and be aware of any restrictions Uber may place on drivers, such as not driving with children or smoking in the car. Since competitors like Lyft and DoorDash do not forbid drivers from working with them, nor does Uber, this is not an issue, but drivers who do this frequently report difficulties keeping up with working multiple services. Overall, signing up to drive with Uber is a breeze, provided you have all the required documentation and your background check and driving record show no red flags that would prevent you from being cleared to drive or deliver with Uber. When it comes to making money, driving with Uber is one of the most flexible and unique ways to do so, so sign up today.


What technical support exists for drivers with Uber?

Help is available in many formats. There are frequently asked questions on the Uber website, phone and email support, and live assistance from an Uber agent.

What do I do if I am in an accident or have trouble with a rider?

In the app, go to “Help,” then “Trip Issues and Adjustments,” and select either “I was in an accident,” or “Issue with a rider.” There are other selections at this point in the app to report other problems.

What safety features exist for drivers?

Within the app, you can select “Follow my ride” which will allow friends and family you pre-select to be able to determine the route you are driving with a rider, should anything go wrong. There is also GPS tracking through the app and star ratings for both riders and drivers to build reputable reputations and alert others if there are problems with a potential rider.

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