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JobGet vs Ziprecruiter vs Indeed vs Monster vs Linkedin vs Glassdoor: Pros & Cons

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Review: Best Job Seeking Apps

The process of looking for a job is rarely enjoyable, frequently time consuming, and frequently discouraging. Despite the recent downturn in the job market, finding a new position doesn’t have to be a challenge. Using traditional sources like newspapers and websites to find a job can work, but using mobile apps is far more efficient and time-saving. This is especially useful if you have more than one job and are always on the move. This article dives into the benefits and downsides of some of the more popular apps out there for job hunting and evaluates each.


Based in Boston, JobGet is a service that connect prospective employers with employees, by serving as a matching system between the two who specify certain criteria.


  • Chat with employers in app.
  • Searches can be narrowed down.
  • Can find side gig jobs through “extra income” feature.


  • New and still buggy.
  • Best for finding hourly side gig jobs instead of steady employment.


ZipRecruiter is a job-employee marketplace based in Santa Monica, recently partnered with Facebook, and expanded into neighboring countries, and matches those seeking jobs with those looking to hire.


  • User-friendly interface.
  • Good matches and relevant referrals.
  • Free.
  • Good for beginner.


  • Problems with spam.
  • Callbacks are not consistent.
  • Scammer problem on platform.


This company provides an accessible online space for those posting job listings and those seeking jobs. It acts more as a search engine rather than a full-fledged employment service.


  • Emailed updates to your inbox.
  • Aggregated database streamlines the job search.
  • Can upload and store resume.


  • New job posts have high competition.
  • Free and premium services means free posts get lost in shuffle.


Created in 199, this global employment aggregator is one of the oldest and most trusted job hunting services online. The service is one of the few that makes use of a variety of online tools to search for jobs, such as a website, mobile app, social media connectivity, and messaging.


  • Can link LinkedIn profile.
  • Premium service sends out your resume to employers.


  • Resume service delivery not prompt.
  • Job filters not as robust as others.


LinkedIn is a social media platform for job seekers, career specialists, and employers to connect with each other and form networks within their respective fields. Intended originally as a means for those within certain careers to network with each other, it evolved to include connections for job hunters and job providers to link up.


  • Good tool for researching employers.
  • Create a robust network of job contacts.


  • Not all employers are on Linkedin.
  • Difficult to get noticed by employers.


Like many other such sites, Glassdoor serves as a connection point for job providers and jobseekers, and a search engine for those researching various professions. However, its strongest point is where current and former employees can anonymously review companies and job providers, giving jobseekers a powerful tool in where they will focus their efforts to ensure they end up working for a reputable company.


  • Millions of listings.
  • Salaries visible.
  • Review company profiles.


  • No advanced search options.
  • Search results not always relevant to keyword search.


Which job-seeking application or service you use should be dependent upon your personal needs and the type of job you are looking for. If you are just starting out right after school, the ability to research employers through jobs such as Glassdoor will be a great benefit, for even if a company is successful, you do not want to work for an employer with a bad corporate culture or poor management, and reviews of the companies you are considering will show this. Likewise, if you are in the middle of your career or profession and are looking to make a change, sites such as LinkedIn for networking and demonstrating your experience, and Monster for job searching will be of great benefit.


How secure is my information on job hunting sites?

The encryption used on many of these sites is standard for social media, meaning that they are more secure than many other pages but maybe less secure than financial institutions.

How successful are job hunting services in helping you find a job?

All the services reviewed here boast around 80-95% success rates for those who utilize their services appropriately.

Should I focus my efforts on job hunting services or more traditional methods?

It is rare to find a company still accepting paper resumes and applications these days. Therefore, with most of the arena of job searching now happening online, it is best to focus your efforts in job searching on online services such as this one.

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