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Financial security is one of the primary objectives of wanting to attain financial independence. We all want to feel secure financially so we can stop thinking about money all the time. You can use

The last thing we all want to feel is financial dread, especially when taking care of our children or spending time with friends. However, the need to achieve financial freedom is why we need to create financial buffers for our financial situations. 

The Mind is the Source of Financial Security

If you rightly prepare your mind, other things will follow. It doesn’t matter how talented you are, if you’re not mentally prepared, you will not achieve financial security. 

Therefore, to get your mind right about finances you will need to spend a lot of time learning and understanding various concepts of finances. You can decide to read personal finance publications, get your MBS, listen to podcasts, get a full experience working in finance, or watch finance videos. You can also decide to invest your funds and learn from your errors and mistakes. 

The more you listen, learn, and operate, the more you feel financially secure. Your experience will serve you well because there will be lesser surprises. You would have seen most of the plots and have a good plan set for most situations. 

However, doing all these things may not ensure the idea of feeling as financially secure as you would like. It’s not just about getting rich, you must also feel rich as well. And the most part about feeling rich is about feeling financially secure. 

Developing the Entrepreneurial Mind 

One thing you must never do is stay proud. As an investor, you must always learn to stay humble. Never confuse your ability with that do the market forces. As soon as you begin to think you’re in charge, you lose your edge and incur a loss. 

We all love to think we can connect the dots and develop new investment ideas that would re-inflate our lifeboat after a major loss. But that’s very unlikely. To believe we can consistently develop ideas that will surpass the market is quite unrealistic. 

As a result, it is very important to build entrepreneurial acumen alongside investing acumen. In other words, an entrepreneurial mind will be what will pull you up when your finances at in the dumps. 

With entrepreneurship, the relationship between reward (money) and effort is quite strong. For instance, a lot of people are making money online in the finance world without any financial background. However, given they have a solid entrepreneurial mind, they learned how the market works, grown a brand, and convinced clients they have an incredible product. 

As regards investing acumen, the relationship between effort and reward is not as strong. You can know everything about evaluating cash flow but still, lose if you can’t predict other people’s thoughts. 

To gain financial security, you must be careful not to get lulled into only earning from a day job. Endeavor to build both a solid investing mind and entrepreneurial mind. 

A Strong Mind Will Make You Feel Rich

A strong mind is very crucial to achieving financial security. Our minds have always been known to remain in zenith performance longer than our bodies. To this end, it is only logical to feed our minds as much as we can. To do this, you have to make sure you’re getting good sleep, go to therapy, and set enough time to think. Feed your mind, protect it and take good care of your mental health. 

It’s very simple to recognize someone with a weak mind if you spend time with them. An individual with a weak mind gets agitated easily. They get into unnecessary arguments because others don’t share their belief. 

A strong mind, however, is more open-minded to seeing other people’s views. No one is an island of knowledge, hence it is only logical to learn from other people’s experiences. These shared experiences will come to use in the nearest future when you least need them. 


The more we learn and practice the stronger our mind grows and the more secure we feel financially. Even when things don’t turn out as expected, embrace it and make sure you grow stronger. 

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