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Gopuff Driver vs DoorDash Driver vs Drizly Driver: Which Delivery App Pays More?

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Which Pays More? Drizly, GoPuff or DoorDash?
Independent drivers looking for a lucrative side hustle have no shortage of options to choose from, some of the more recognizable being Uber, DoorDash and Lyft. For those looking to get into the food and goods delivery business, DoorDash is a good place to start, but it is not the only service worth considering. Many drivers find that working for multiple services is the best way to optimize time spent driving, as work might not be available on one platform, but at the same time, there are waiting jobs on a second or third platform. Other companies such as Drizly and GoPuff are services worth considering as a driver, especially if looking to enter the specialized delivery market. Smaller but specialized delivery niches also have the potential to be slightly more lucrative than general delivery services like DoorDash. But how much do drivers for these services truly make?


Founded in 2013, GoPuff is a relatively unknown, yet versatile app-based delivery service offering delivery on demand, 24-hours a day, of nearly any item imaginable, ranging from groceries to alcohol to tobacco. This service does not offer restaurant takeout delivery, rather, items are delivered from a warehouse via independent contractor drivers. This is a time saver for drivers, who do not have to drive around to many retail or restaurant locations, but rather pick up items from one location for delivery. Because of the delivery option of alcohol or tobacco, GoPuff drivers must be at least 21 years old, possess a valid driver’s license, and drive an insured vehicle with proof of registration, as well as pass a background check. GoPuff presently operates in only 30 US cities, but for drivers in these locations working for GoPuff, the average pay is $15.56 hourly. Drivers keep all tips earned, as well as commission, but are responsible for all operation expenses such as gas and vehicle maintenance. A GoPuff driver vs DoorDash driver has the opportunity to work at any hour, while DoorDash stops delivery after 10pm.


Drizly is a specialized delivery service focusing on alcohol delivery. Drivers pick up alcohol orders from local retailers in the area and deliver them to customers. Much like Postmates, it is now a subsidiary of Uber, and same-day delivery or within an hour is available by UberEats drivers. Drivers for this service must register as Uber drivers but have the option of accepting only orders from the Drizly service within the Uber Driver app. Drivers must be 21 years old or older and must pass an Uber background check, as well as any other qualifications that Uber imposes on all drivers. Drivers earn around $18 per hour for alcohol delivery, although this can vary based on region and alcohol demand. Drivers for Drizly work for specific alcohol retailers but use the Uber app to connect with clients for delivery jobs. As these retailers are the ones who set hours and tipping policies, some Drizly drivers get to keep 100% of tips, while others only keep a percentage. Presently, it is only available in 10 US cities. A DoorDash vs Drizly driver earnings depends on the demand for specialized services such as alcohol delivery in an area.


DoorDash is one of the first food delivery services in the business, delivering restaurant takeout orders and groceries, and more recently, alcohol and snacks. New drivers qualify for bonuses when using a referral code from another driver, ranging from $100 to $1000 depending on location. Drivers must be at least 18 years old, pass a background check and drive an insured vehicle. Drivers keep 100% of tips, though pay can vary based on location, and drivers are responsible for all business expenses, such as gas. A typical DoorDash driver makes around $18.88 an hour, but it is worth noting that DoorDash drivers tend to get more regular business and the service is operational in several US cities, giving drivers more earning opportunities. A GoPuff driver vs DoorDash driver will typically make less than a DoorDash driver in this case.


In most scenarios, drivers working for DoorDash will earn more than drivers for the other services, given the greater availability of work through the platform, and its greater availability. GoPuff, on the other hand, has the advantage of working as a 24-hour service, and drivers who do not mind working the wee hours in major cities with round-the-clock commerce might find those opportunities lucrative. DoorDash vs Drizly driver earnings are fairly widespread, with DoorDash drivers earning substantially more than Drizly drivers.


1. Do any of these services have restrictions on former convicts working for the service, given the alcohol delivery?

Presently, ex-cons can work for all of these services provided they have permission to do so based on the terms of their release.

2. Do any of these services have no-competition clauses preventing drivers from working for competitors?

As drivers for these services are all classified as contract workers, they can work for any number of services at the same time as they wish.

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