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Bite Squad vs DoorDash Driver Pay: What to Expect on First Trip for New Drivers

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BiteSquad vs DoorDash: What New Drivers Can Expect

Once it became apparent how high the demand was for meal delivery through third party couriers, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic when many were stuck at home, the industry exploded. Heavy hitters such as DoorDash, GrubHub, and Uber Eats corner most of the market in grocery and takeout delivery, but smaller, local companies such as Waitr and its recent acquisition, BiteSquad, also do fairly well in satisfying local demand for food delivery. Those looking to earn some extra money as a driver for these services naturally have some questions regarding pay and what to expect on the job. Bite Squad vs DoorDash driver pay is fairly comparable. Here, we compare a larger company, DoorDash, with a smaller one, BiteSquad, so that drivers can get an idea of what awaits them as a driver for these companies.


DoorDash has the advantage of brand recognition, as the company operates in most areas of North America and Australia, and can afford heavy advertising. DoorDash offers several promotions for clients, which often equals more earning opportunities for drivers, who can look to make around $18 an hour on average. DoorDash’s driver app is fairly easy to use, has built-in safety features, easy payment options, and even an online store for drivers to purchase gear. DoorDash offers drivers several incentives, such as a free hot bag after completing the first delivery, bonuses, some gas reimbursement, and access to ACA healthcare plans. Delivery is fairly straightforward, as the app tells the driver where he or she will be delivering, the address of the pickup and dropoff points, and an estimated length of time for the delivery, along with expected earnings. Declining an order is a bit of a hassle, though.


LikeDoorDash, BiteSquad, which only operates in a handful of states in the US, specializes in food and grocery delivery, focusing on takeout orders. BiteSquad drivers earn around $12 an hour, and the driver’s app is simple, though without some of the useful features found in the apps of larger competitors. Within the app, drivers can see the order number, the estimated time of delivery, the pickup location, and how much they have earned so far. Payouts are deposited through direct deposit into a bank account or onto a debit card linked to the account at the time of sign up.The app does not have any driver safety features, however, and BiteSquad does not offer gas reimbursement or other incentives.


DoorDash drivers earn more per hour and have a wider range of opportunities due to DoorDash’s brand name recognition. Bite Squad vs DoorDash driver pay is at least a difference of $5 per hour. At first glance, it would seem like a better move for the new driver to work for DoorDash. However, DoorDash is not always available in every area, especially the more rural areas of Tennessee where BiteSquad is better known, and drivers in these areas can do well with BiteSquad. As with most things involving the gig economy, a driver looking to earn some extra money should be familiar with which service is most popular in his area and plan accordingly.


1. Are drivers for these services classified as employees?

Drivers for both DoorDash and BiteSquad are considered self-employed contract workers. This means they work at the will of the company, and are responsible for their own expenses, cost of gas, vehicle insurance, and taxes.

2. Do these companies operate 365 days a year?

As both DoorDash and BiteSquad are USA-based companies, they are required to cease operations on federal holidays such as Christmas and New Years.

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