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How Do Bitcoin Payments Make Everything Easy-Going?

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An anonymous transaction was a fundamental explanation for why Satoshi Nakamoto created a peer-to-peer network. Undeniably, investors and traders have failed to see the real potential of bitcoin as an economic ecosystem for a massive time. Still, now bitcoin is attaining the adoption that it deserved. Undoubtedly spot value of bitcoin is correspondingly essential, but the current buzz is to pay with bitcoin. However, to get the most out of their bitcoin trading, traders may use platforms like Bitcode Prime. Let’s discuss the reasons why bitcoin payments make everything easy-going. 

Overview of Bitcoin payments.

Some of the good features of bitcoin are that it enables individuals and businesses to fully control their finances by allowing them to store a ledger of balances and transactions independently. It also allows users to purchase goods and services online without involving intermediaries (e.g., banks or credit card companies).

Why are payments so easy?

Bitcoin payment systems can work in two ways. First, a peer-to-peer network is straightforwardly used for transaction execution, whereas when a merchant deals with more than one merchant in the same network, the merchant will most probably use a payment gateway. In short, the payment gateway chooses the best-offered rates among different merchants, as it charges reasonable fees to merchants compared to the bitcoin operation fee. Furthermore, no third parties except the blockchain and senders and receivers are involved.

Perks of Paying with bitcoin

Costless International Transactions:

The peer-to-peer network is used for payment processing, and all nodes in the network are considered equal. Hence, they are called p2p nodes and can do any transaction without charges. Further, all transactions done with bitcoin will be settled instantly, without having to pass through a third party. Finally, there is no waiting time involved before settlement, even when the receiver and sender are both in different countries involving no international charges. 


The speed at which bitcoin payments are carried out is quite impressive. Users can expect the same speed through consistent daily transactions in a local or global network.

No Third Party Involvement

In the event of payment processing with traditional methods, the process involves a third party. It is known as the card network, which is quite expensive for merchants and customers compared to the bitcoin operation fee. For instance, an online merchant must pay from 3% to 5% per transaction, whereas the bitcoin system does not require any third-party payment processor.


With no physical currency involved, bitcoins are highly convenient for everyday use. Thus, merchants and buyers can make payments directly from their bank accounts or wallets across networks or in person with others who accept bitcoin payments. 

Lower transaction fees

The concept of peer-to-peer payment is revolutionary as no third party is involved. In the case of a transaction between two merchants, it appears to be free (there are no charges for any third parties); the bitcoin payment fee can be about 0.00025 to 0.001 per transaction for up to 500 BTC and approximately 1% per transaction for over 500 BTC worth of transactions on average; although bitcoin operation fee varies based on the network nodes and their level of activity on the network. 


Bitcoin is a neutral system because no details are linked to any identity. Thus, it is pretty anonymous, and there is neither any information about the payer nor the payee. Moreover, bitcoin payments cannot be reversed, whereas traditional payment systems are closely associated with banks or credit card companies. 


Bitcoin system provides an extra level of security for merchants and customers compared to traditional systems. The primary reason behind this is that only payers can initiate payments, and no third party can get involved; moreover, it doesn’t depend on any government or corporation’s regulations or policies. 

Goods you can purchase with bitcoin

Cars – If you want to purchase a car or truck, you can buy it with bitcoin. The idea flowing since 2016 is now available for you for your favorite car. Car companies are now accepting payments with bitcoins. 

E-commerce products – Everything can be bought using virtual currency, from jackets to phones and laptops. eBay and Overstock, two e-commerce giants, happily accept bitcoin payments. 

Hotel Rooms – Travelers can book rooms on hotel booking sites, and they will charge you in any currency you use. The hotel will be billed in bitcoins through the bitcoin payment system. 

Sports Tickets – Sports tickets are also available for purchase with bitcoins. So you can buy your ticket for next week’s game.

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