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Seven Things To Know About Cerebral Palsy

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6th October is celebrated every year as World Cerebral Palsy Day. And there is a reason why these special kids are celebrated worldwide. A neurological disorder that impairs movement is cerebral palsy. 1 in 500 neonates worldwide may be born with it, making it the most prevalent motor handicap among children. At times, it could be due to the negligence of the doctors. And for parents, in such cases, it’s prudent to get professional legal help. 

Many well-known law firms in the US, like JJS Justice and a few more, have in-house highly-skilled lawyers and attorneys who can guide their clients in the best possible way to run a legal battle with such negligent medical practitioners. But before you should think about knocking at their door for legal help, you should be aware of certain aspects of cerebral palsy.

Adults Don’t Get Cerebral Palsy

Cerebral Palsy does not include motor dysfunction that develops in late childhood or maturity. Similarly, cerebral palsy is not contagious and cannot be “caught” at any age or while growing up.

A brain injury before, during, or soon after birth can result in cerebral palsy, a motor handicap. Milder forms of cerebral palsy might occasionally go undetected until a kid exhibits developmental impairments.

Cerebral Palsy Symptoms May Differ from One Kid to Another

Depending on where in the brain the injury occurred, different people may experience various Cerebral Palsy symptoms. However, typical signs include:

  • Epilepsy and seizures;
  • Poor intelligence;
  • Controlling bowel and bladder motions is difficult;
  • Disordered hyperactivity and attention deficit (ADHD);
  • Behavior issues including reliance or deviant behaviors;
  • Slow and clumsy limb movements, or athetosis;
  • Hearing or visual impairments. 

Cerebral Palsy is Non-hereditary

Since cerebral palsy is not inherited, adults with and without the condition have equal chances of passing on their child’s motor impairment. Cerebral palsy can be caused due to:

  • Infections during birth;
  • Internal bleeding before birth;
  • Premature birth;
  • Medical negligence;
  • Traumatic birth injury on the head.

Cerebral Palsy May at times Be Difficult to Diagnose

Seizures and a lack of coordinated movement are among the first signs and symptoms of cerebral palsy. But the bulk of these instances is normally represented as brain injuries by the doctors until seizures become more frequent. Upon further detailed investigations, it may be finally identified as Cerebral Palsy.

Kids with Cerebral Palsy Can be Intelligent and Independent

Despite the lack of known treatment for cerebral palsy, early intervention can assist patients in managing their symptoms and leading independent lives. Treatment is individualized and adjusted based on their specific needs as the child ages. The goal is to provide the kid with as many abilities as possible to live independently. 

Being compassionate and proactive is the greatest approach to managing someone with cerebral palsy. Moreover, kids with cerebral palsy are creative and intelligent as well. 

Cerebral Palsy is the most Common Motor Disability Among Kids

Because cerebral palsy is an umbrella terminology, it can be used to refer to a variety of motor deficits of varying severity. Because of this, each cerebral palsy case is distinct and needs a customized treatment and life management approach.

There are Different Kinds of Cerebral palsy

The term “cerebral palsy” is used to designate a group of neurological disorders that impair motor function. It can be exhibited in a child in three different ways:

  • Spastic – Rigidity in at least one limb is a hallmark of this kind of cerebral palsy.
  • Athetoid – Involuntary movement is a hallmark of this cerebral palsy, which occurs notably in the fingers or toes.
  • Ataxic – This one is characterized by trouble with fine motor control and depth perception amongst the patients. 

How Can A Cerebral Palsy Lawyer Help?

Suppose you think your child got cerebral palsy due to medical negligence or misconduct of the medical practitioners. In that case, you must contact a cerebral palsy lawyer from a legal firm like JJS Justice. They will help you through the legal proceedings, making it easier for you to get justice. 


Cerebral palsy can alter your family’s lives. Hence, if your little one suffers from the disorder due to medical negligence, you must approach a law firm as soon as possible.

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