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Stackin’ App Review: A New Financial Wellness App for You

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Stackin’ App Review: A New Financial Wellness App for You

Planning for your financial future does not just involve objective research and smart decision-making. It also involves addressing any emotional concerns you might have involving money. Financial matters can cause concern for those who have experienced financial instability or made bad financial decisions in the past, and it is necessary to deal with these issues to avoid making mistakes in the future. Stackin’ is a financial wellness company that seeks to help its users uncover any underlying beliefs about money and finances and address any issues through focused activities and exercises in the hopes of making sound financial choices in the near future. Many Stackin’ reviews state that the company seeks to help a younger generation improve their relationship with money through a mobile application that offers exercises and counseling on how to manage finances. So what are the Pros and Cons of Stackin’ App services, especially its mobile app? Read further in this Stackin’ App review to learn more.


  • A money relationship assessment that lets you understand what kind of relationship you have.
  • Personalized and therapy-based self-guided content that is served based on your relationship.
  • Messaging via mobile phone for easy access with a real coach to keep you on track.
  • Transactional tagging helps track emotions around spending and journaling prompts to help you dive into your deepest money issues.


  • There is no budget option (they don’t believe budgeting works).

How it Works

As mentioned in many Stackin’ reviews, Stackin’ reaches out to an audience of young people just getting started in adulthood (Gen Z) in an effort to encourage more in this generation to start off their financial futures on the right foot. This is the mobile generation that prefers conducting business on their smartphones, with mobile banking and investing apps.


Instead of focusing on budgets and credit score tracking like many other apps like Mint, Stackin’ focuses on changing user behaviors. The lessons offered by Stackin’ help users visualize the relationship between their spending habits and financial outcomes. For example, if you have set a financial goal or budget but failed to meet it, Stackin’ can help you discover the reasons behind that and alter your behavior accordingly. As mentioned in nearly every Stackin’ App review, the company recognizes that the demographic of young adults just in their 30s are some of the most under-served consumers who are also in need of recognizing and changing their financial behaviors, and seeks to meet them where they are: online.


  1. Is Stackin’ free?

There is a free 14-day trial service, followed by a monthly fee after the trial period ends.

  1. How do customers contact Stackin’ support?

Support is generally handled through email at

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